About Jean Eng

Pure + simple was founded because I could not find a place that would help me look as good as my professional peers without the mass market prestige skincare & makeup.

My incurable acne had given me a pizza face due to generic solutions acne given by my dermatologist in my teens and estheticians in my twenties. My face rebounded from enlarged pores & irritated red skin from the harsh ointments & antibiotics that dried out my blemishes to puffy redness with enlarged pores & cystic acne when I was moisturizing my irritated dehydrated skin. This lasted for over 10 years to my early 30’s. Then I hid my scars & redness with makeup. But one day I could not hide from it when I saw my face in the side mirror of my car as I applied lipstick. I was shocked at the face filled with lines in the mirror.

The unfairness of not quite clear of acne only to be covered in wrinkles! At this time Kristen my daughter was also having a repeat of my acne experience. After a 5 year battle with acne, I felt it was time to just go conventional & agreed to let her take the antibiotics the dermatologist prescribed. Resigned to see history repeat itself.

We had also done a trial of the Toronto’s skincare spas. We found a great one with skilled estheticians but our sensitive skins had to tolerate the allergic reaction & irritation from the chemical skincare products. Kristen even underwent a high & glycolic peel that was too strong for her young skin.

From the effort put into getting clear skin became an obsession to the point I took a professional esthetics course at George Brown continuing education just for the heck of it. Here I had the fortune to have Donna Teodorov as my instructor. Donna was a meticulous professional & inspired me to change my career to skincare. She is the start of the great teachers I have had from holistic facial massage from Daniel Silverman, a Parisian instructor, to Ayurvedic healing Dr. Shanbhag, an Ayurvedic & Naturopathic doctor, now back in India.

We have been helping people get beautiful skin, naturally since October 2000. While we have grown both in locations, staff, products, and services, our core values of natural safe skincare, sustainable business practices and Ayurveda as a means to treat each client as an individual as well as to get to the root of any skin condition has not changed.

Jean Eng

Corporate Offices: 25 – 2700 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON, M6B4J3