• About Pure + Simple

    Pure + Simple is an all-natural skincare and wellness spa for customers seeking products and services that are consistent with their healthy natural lifestyle.

    What we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies' circulatory system, meaning it can contribute or detract our overall health. Beauty is a result of good health; that's why we only carry skincare brands that have safe + natural ingredients. Every product you see on our shelves is free of harmful ingredients like parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances + dyes.

    Additionally, our natural + high-tech facial treatments are designed with a holistic approach to achieving professional results.

  • The Pure + Simple Difference

    We’re different, so we love that you're different too.

    We know that everyone’s skin is unique, requiring customized care. What works for one customer may not work for another, + finding the right fit in terms of products or services for each individual is our expertise.

    In order to meet our customers’ skincare needs, we carry more than just our own house brands. Pure + Simple is a curator of truly natural skincare products + services. We test out all of our products + services before offering them to our clientele.

  • We believe that Knowledge is Power, which is why we invest a lot of time in sharing our research + experience in natural beauty with our staff + clients in order to effectively solve skincare + beauty issues.

    Our skincare philosophy is based on Ayurveda, a holistic health modality from India that emphasizes the relationship between our mind, body, + spirit. We trust that our belief systems, along with our behavior + actions, greatly influence the state of our health + physical appearance. That’s why we strive to live holistic, healthy lives, which positively affects our skin!

  • Our staff are constantly learning + undergoing training to refine their skills. Our standards for hiring are high, but our standards for growth within the company are higher.

    That's why we appreciate all client feedback, as it helps keep us in touch with individual and team progress. If you would like to contribute to our continued improvement, contact us here.

  • About Our Founder

    Through my teens to late thirties, I struggled with severe skin issues such as incurable acne, puffy redness, persistent blemishes + enlarged pores. I had tried every medicinal ointment, generic treatment + prescription medication recommended by numerous dermatologists, all to no avail.

    When my daughter Kristen began to show signs of the same skin issues, I became determined to find a better solution for her + myself. The products I found in the market contained harmful, ineffectual ingredients + promoted a conventional, synthetic type of beauty disconnected from my values of balanced, natural beauty from the inside-out.

  • I knew there had to be a better, more pure + simple way.

    I decided to take matters into my own hands + enrolled in a professional esthetics course to learn everything I could about skincare. It was here that I connected with a community of skincare experts: my instructor Donna Teodrov who encouraged me to pursue a career in skincare, Daniel Silverman, who taught me about holistic facial massages + Dr. Shanbhag, ND who introduced me to Ayurvedic healing.

  • Knowledge is Power

    With this in-depth knowledge of skincare, natural treatments + Ayurvedic science I was finally able to craft the type of skincare solutions I had long been searching for: solutions that were natural, sustainable + effective.

    This journey reaffirmed my belief that all skincare issues are holistic + that a balanced lifestyle, supported by self-awareness + knowledge, is the key to getting beautiful skin naturally.