Our Bottle Return Program

We know that you want more than safe products to help reduce your environmental footprint. As a small business, our ability to best practices can be limited by scale or budget. But we were able to design a bottle return program that can handle cosmetic packaging along with the respective closures.

Terracycle at Pure + Simple

We are proud to partner with Terracycle, an eco-friendly recycling company with a mission to recycle typically non-recyclable materials. Therefore the spay and pumps on your bottles are now recyclable. Visit your local Pure + Simple to return your clean, used bottles and help us fill our Zero Waste Recycling Box!


Now you can reduce your environmental footprint and save on your skincare purchases with Pure + SimpleTM’s Bottle Return Program. You just bring your clean empty bottles with closure to your favourite Pure + SimpleTM Spa and you will be given $1 house credit for each bottle.

How Our Bottle Return Program Works

How Pure and Simple Recycle

Supporting Local Environmental Organizations

Connecting with local environmental organizations is a key value at Pure + Simple. We do our part in reducing waste in our business. For innovations in technology and legislation to improve our ability to conserve, we're proud to support organizations like:

Planet in Focus

Planet in Focus is an environmental media arts organization with a mandate to produce cultural events that showcase engaging and artistic films that question, explore, and tell stories about the world in which we live. They use film as a catalyst for public awareness, discussion and engagement on a broad range of environmental issues.
We've been long-time supporters of Planet in Focus as the title sponsors of their 2016 + 2017 Environmental Film Festivals.

Environmental Defence

Environmental Defence is Canada’s most effective environmental action organization. EDC challenges and inspires change in government, business and people to ensure a greener, healthier and prosperous life for all.
We've partnered with EDC for several events, namely sponsoring their Annual Gala + Smog of the Sea film screening.