Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Pure + Simple chose the Sharplight's Omnimax System because it proved to give better and faster results with a lot less discomfort and almost no downtime than pre-existing methods. Light based technology is based on a method called "selective photothermolysis' which works by selective destruction of a specified target without damaging surrounding tissue.

Omnimax's DPC Technology maximizes our technician's control of treatment parameters, thus, providing a wide range of possibilities to obtain optimal results for all skin types, in most treatment cases, in all treatment stages.

Thermo Electric Contact Cooling in this device maintains epidermal temperature at close to 5°C even during continuous treatment of extensive areas. This unique method guarantees maximum skin safety, patient comfort and no need for anesthetic gel.

Safe + targeted services using intense pulsed light to treat common skin concerns + painless, permanent hair removal.

  • IPL Facials

  • IPL Anti-Aging Facial

    IPL Anti-Aging Facial


  • IPL Rosacea Facial

    IPL Rosacea Facial


  • IPL Acne Facial

    IPL Acne Facial


  • IPL Treatments

  • IPL Acne Treatment

    IPL Acne Treatment


  • IPL Rosacea Treatment

    IPL Rosacea Treatment


  • IPL Anti-Aging Treatment

    IPL Anti-Aging Treatment


  • IPL Add-On

  • IPL Add-On

    IPL Add-On


  • Hair Removal

  • Hair Removal

    Hair Removal