Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Pure + Simple has exclusively chosen the Sharplight's Omnimax System for its remarkable efficiency + enhanced comfort. This advanced technology offers swift + superior outcomes with minimal discomfort + virtually no downtime, surpassing traditional methods. Operating on the principle of 'selective photothermolysis,' light-based technology ensures the precise elimination of targeted concerns without affecting surrounding tissues.

Omnimax's DPC Technology empowers our skilled technicians to fine-tune treatment parameters, ensuring optimal results across various skin types + treatment phases.

With Thermo Electric Contact Cooling, this system maintains the epidermal temperature near 5°C even during extended sessions. This revolutionary approach guarantees utmost safety for the skin, exceptional patient comfort + eliminates the need for anesthetic gel.

Experience safe+ precise treatments utilizing intense pulsed light to address common skin issues, as well as enjoy painless + permanent hair removal.

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