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    Plump + Lift Facial

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    Looking for a lift? Experience the Plump + Lift Facial for a radiant, youthful complexion. Stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles + lift sagging skin while giving it the hydration its craving.

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Duration: Approx. 60 mins

The Plump + Lift Facial is ideal for those with skin concerns such as aging, premature aging, skin sagging or wrinkles. This Facial is designed to stimulate collagen, reduce wrinkles + lift sagging skin using the following tools:

  • Diamond Microdermabrasion
  • Microcurrent or Radio Frequency
  • Ultra Sound

Locations Offering this Service

  • Eglinton
  • Yorkville 
  • Oshawa
  • Waterloo
  • Richmond Hill 
  • King West
  • The Beach 
  • Oakville Mississauga

    Customize this Facial to Your Skin's Unique Needs
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      How it Works + What to Expect

      - Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, + lifted.

      - Diamond Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent/Radio Frequency + Ultra Sound is used to help plump, lift + tone the skin.

      - A Triple Action Sheet Mask is applied to smooth + hydrate the skin.

      - A relaxing décolleté + scalp massage is included to stimulate your blood flow + your skin's collagen production.


        How to Prepare

        Check your current skincare products for retinols, BHAs, or AHAs to properly inform your esthetican during your consultation. Please review the following list of Contraindications before booking this facial.

        This treatment is not recommended for those with any of the following:

        Ø  pregnancy/breastfeeding 

        Ø  active acne * rosacea, internal heat inflammation 

        Ø  superficially subjacent metallic implants 

        Ø  recent Botox injections (wait at least 2 weeks post-infection) 

        Ø  braces, or non-removable piercings 

        Ø  tumours/cancer 

        Ø  severe sinus issues 

        Ø  patients bearing pacemakers, hearing aids, or other electromagnetic devices 

        Ø  epileptics 

        Ø  communicable (infectious) disease 

        Ø  unhealed wounds * serious diabetes 

        Ø  heart, liver, or kidney (cholelithiasis) diseases 

        Ø  heart, brain cervical ganglia (nerve ganglia in the top of the neck), eyeball bleeding, or infections 

        Ø  pulse generators 

        Ø  plastic implants 

        Ø  bone cement 

        Ø  atopical disease (hyperallergic, or chronic allergy)

        After Care

        How to Keep Your Results 

        1. Follow your esthetician’s home care recommendations. Most home care will include a cleanser, serum, oil + moisturizer 
        2. Maintain your skincare routine in between facial treatments

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Claudia O. (CA)
        Skin Type: Normal
        Age: 31–40

        The facial was wonderful! Even though there were the different sensations (the heat and the pulsing), it was still very relaxing and enjoyable! My skin felt very soft as soon as I left and I feel like there was an immediate noticeable tightness, especially in my eye area (which is the area that usually bothers me the most with eye bags and saggy skin). I also love that my sensitive skin wasn't red or agitated after the treatment. It was really a wonderful experience and it's a facial that I would definitely do again.

        Linda B. (CA)
        Skin Type: Normal
        Age: 41–50

        I feel like this facial covers everything. I like that I can do it consecutively with other treatments. It felt like a sampler with a bit of everything using all the different tools. I feel like I saw immediate results right after when I looked in the mirror, specifically in my neck area. I look forward to trying it again.