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    Deep Down Detox Facial


    A radiant glow awaits! Reduce blemishes, decongest pores + detoxify your skin with the help from this facial.

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Duration: Approx. 60 mins

This purifying facial begins with a professional strength skin peel to shed dull + dehydrated skin cells. It is followed with pore clearing extractions to minimize pore size + reduce blemishes.

Ideal For: Oily, blemish + acne prone skin types.

If you require a more robust acne treatment please ask about our IPL - Acne Facials or other treatments such as:

Locations Offering this Service

  • Eglinton
  • Yorkville 
  • Oshawa
  • Waterloo
  • Richmond Hill 
  • King West
  • Oakville Mississauga

    Suggested Add-Ons

    • Sea Salt Microdermabrasion
    • Oxygen
    • LED


    How it Works + What to Expect

    - Your esthetician will begin by using Pure + Simple’s, Sensitive Cleansing Milk, for a gentle + thorough cleanse. 

    - While applying steam to your skin, a Facial Acupressure Massage will be performed to increase blood flow + circulation. 

    - A professional strength lactic acid peel is applied, working to target any impurities + decongest your skin. 

    - Extractions are then performed to remove any pesky blackheads. 

    - A custom mask is applied, to further nourish your skin. 

    - While relaxing with your mask, your esthetician will perform a calming scalp, shoulder + décolleté massage.

    - As a finishing touch, to protect your skin + enhance results, a suitable, serum, oil + moisturizer are applied.


      How to Prepare

      • Please inform your esthetician of any related allergies (eg. Aloe, Gluten), medications you’re taking (eg. Accutane), or any products to stay away from (Vegan friendly products are available). 
      • Refrain from using any retinol or acid based products 3 days before your facial. 
      • It is not suggested you book your facial the day of an event.

      After Care

      After Care + Results

      • In most cases, your skin will look even + glowing directly after service however, some areas which have had extractions may be slightly raised or red for a few hours, which is completely normal.
      • Do not use any exfoliants for at least 3 days after service, as they may be too stimulating for the skin. 
      • It is recommended not to wear make-up directly after your service for at least 2 hours. If make-up application is needed, mineral based makeup is suggested to maintain the benefits of your facial. 
      • Skip anything stimulating after your service i.e. Workouts, Hot Yoga Class, Hot tubs, Saunas, or any further facial treatments.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Winsome D. (CA)
      Skin Type: Oily
      Age: 51–60
      Magical hands

      Had facial with RAYHENEH ana what an experience!!! The room was soothing, the hot blankets, soft music and overall ambience was needed on such a cold and gloomy day!!! At King West is where U need 6o go. Rahheneh thank you for your magical hands.

      J.M. (CA)
      Skin Type: Combination
      Age: 21–30
      My favourite so far !! That GLOW !

      I absolutely loved the deep down detox facial. Not only was the customer service amazing, and my concerns were taken into consideration, but the radiance and glow my skin had afterwards truly made me smile !!
      Looking forward to booking it again soon, I really loved the peel and the massage was amazing :)