• Martina Gebhardt

    Aloe Vera Cream 15ml


    A regenerating and healing cream for sensitive + easily-inflamed skin.

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    Aloe Vera isn't known to be healing for nothing. This rich organic Aloe Vera cream repairs and regenerates sensitive and easily-inflamed skin-- a great addition to your skincare routine!

    Also known as the "plant of immortality," Aloe Vera can be applied topically to soothe skin as well as treat wounds, burns, minor skin infections, and eczema. Organic Avocado oil has been known to help plump fine lines and increase skin hydration. It also gives this cream its beautiful, rich texture. This cream can be applied directly to the skin after a sunburn to speed up the healing process. Nut Free.

    Knowledge Is Power: http://www.holisticvanity.ca/skin-protection-fit-for-glacier-climbing/


    Martina Gebhardt

    Martina Gebhardt is an organic skin care line from Germany, that nourishes skin with high quality ingredients.

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