• The Autumn Of Our Lives: 4 Grounding, Anti-Aging Tips For Fall

    By Pure + Simple Co-Founder Jean Eng

    Dry skin and absentmindedness are a part of middle age because they are both results of the same energy. This energy is commonly referred to as Vata in Ayurveda, and is a driving force in autumn when turbulent winds are coupled with cooler temperatures.

    While we may be in the dark about our internal dehydration and the lapses of mental acuity may be overlooked or brushed aside, the excess Vata that appears on our complexions can be hard to miss. There in the mirror is dry dull skin that looks years older than it did just weeks ago in the warm humid energy of summer.

    If you’re noticing the change of season on your skin and body, here are my four tips to restore balance:

    1. Stay warm

    My secret to the fountain of youth is to balance autumn’s cool dry energy with warmth and hydration. Hot steamy baths with weekly saunas can warm your body and increase your blood circulation, keeping your body energized and skin cells hydrated. 

    2. Follow nature’s lead

    With the longer nights, it is wise to follow nature’s lead with increased sleep. The extra sleep helps us regain focus and counteract dehydration. Grounding, strengthening, and meditative exercises like weight lifting and yoga can also be very beneficial this time of year.

    For diet advice to manage excess Vata energy, again, nature is our teacher. It is harvest time for hearty ground vegetables like potatoes, carrots, yams, and for nourishing gourds like squash and pumpkin. These are excellent foods to ground, nourish and moisten our bodies.

    3. Adjust your skincare

    Our skincare needs to follow suit with more heaviness, hydration and nourishment as it needs to provide more protection against the cold and wind this season. Increasing the weight of your moisturizer at this time of year becomes a vital part in maintaining hydrated skin with a healthy glow. Supplementing your cream with extra oils can help your complexion stay even-toned and clear of blemishes and redness.

    The real secret to beautiful skin in autumn and right through winter is skin hydration. Use a serum with active ingredients to balance your skin type and boost hydration to help you stay stress-free about your skin.

    For mature skin, look for anti-aging ingredients like collagen and ceramides, which is found in our Collagen Elastin Plus serum. Sensitive, rosacea-prone skin types should use a gentle, hydrating serum like the Hydration Serum; its poria mushroom extracts and essential fatty acids (linoleic + linolenic acid) will help reduce redness and inflammation flare ups. To control autumn blemishes, look for serums with purifying ingredients like the tea tree and black cumin extracts found in the Pure Skin Face Serum.

    For more tips on how to switch up your skincare for fall, refer to our previous blog post here.

    4. Follow a routine

    Creating more routine in your life will give you more energy in autumn. Vatas need to discipline themselves in conserving energy with regular habits. Design a skincare and daily routine that is customized to your skin’s needs and to your personal preferences. Visit one of Pure + simple’s locations and enlist the help of a natural skincare specialist to help create your own special regimen to beautiful skin even in fall and winter and commit to keeping it until next March. With a clear, easy-to-follow skincare plan, you will have one less thing cluttering up your active mind.

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