• Autumn Essentials: 3 Tips To Switch Up Your Routine For Fall

    By Pure + Simple co-founder, Jean Eng

    Autumn is about change and transformation. As we say goodbye to summer’s Pitta heat, we welcome Vata’s airy energy and its effects on our physical + mental wellbeing.

    While Pittas will find relief with the cooler weather and Kaphas will be uplifted by the lighter energy, this time of year can create an unbalancing effect that becomes evident in the negative changes on our skin. These colder, windier months can bring the following skin changes:

    Vata skin becomes duller and more lined due to dryness and dehydration.

    Kaphas with unbalanced Vata can become more congested, resulting in blemishes + larger pores.

    Pittas with Vata imbalances will experience more sensitivity + a rise in internal dehydration, increasing the chances of a rosacea and/or eczema outbreak. 


    Just as we would change our fall wardrobe, we need to switch up our fall skincare because the biggest battle our skin is going to fight this season is dehydration. So how do we arm ourselves against these seasonal changes?

    Tip 1: Use a serum

    Using a serum supplements the fluids in our skin cells, plumping up our skin before we protect it with a moisturizer. Because serums are lighter than moisturizers + oils, they have the ability to penetrate the deeper layers of our skin, delivering high-performance results at the cellular level. Different serums target different skin concerns. Sensitive + dehydrated skin with large pores would benefit from reparative ingredients like whey protein, which is the active ingredient in the Minimalist Face Lift Serum Plus. This serum also features anti-aging ingredients such as Collagen and Elastin.

    Due to the unique nature of each person’s skin, we offer a variety of serums with a seaweed and aloe vera base to provide the benefits of increased skin hydration + balance. These serums include the Algae Serum, Hydration Serum, Vitamin C Serum + our popular Collagen Elastin and Collagen Elastin Plus.

    Tip 2: Add an oil

    As the weather gets drier, we need to nourish our skin cells with an all-natural, non-comedogenic oil and a richer moisturizer. One of my favourite oils for this time of year is the Minimalist Face Elixir. It nurtures the skin with anti-aging organic oils of avocado, argan and rosehip. It is not greasy or heavy thanks to the cooling, anti-inflammatory organic babasso and coconut oils.

    Next, don’t forget to seal in all the moisture! This step is necessary to lock in all those nutrients our skin desperately needs this time of year. A great moisturizer for almost all skin types is the Minimalist Face Cream. This cream is a rich but matte cream made with organic avocado oil and with an innovative process that minimizes the need for vegetable waxes.

    A comprehensive regimen will ensure that we look fresh + dewy even in the gloomiest days of October and November.

    Tip 3: Make sure to exfoliate

    Regular exfoliation helps stimulate our skin’s circulation, preventing that dull, congested look we have accepted as a consequence of the colder season. A creamy exfoliant like the Minimalist Exfoliating Cleansing Milk is gentle enough to use every day yet effective enough to keep my skin radiant + glowing during the colder months. Since the Minimalist line was designed for the busy professional, this product is a 3-in-1 for those who want a cleanser, exfoliator, and makeup remover all in one. Those with more sensitive skin can use this cleansing exfoliant just nightly or every second night.

    Then, when all of your fall preparations are complete, make yourself a hot drink and give yourself a relaxing evening. You deserve it.

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