• Behind the Mask: Skincare for the New Normal - Irritation

    Welcome to our new series, where we will be discussing the effects of masks on three skin types. We know skincare can be complicated to begin with, but adding a mask to the mix can definitely exacerbate issues for every skin type. Whether you’re prone to breakouts, have sensitive skin, or tend towards dry skin, the new normal has taken its toll. In this series you’ll learn a bit more about your skincare type and how to care for it when wearing a mask. We’ll be recommending products, services and helpful tips and tricks! Follow along with us as we navigate skincare in the new normal, together.

    This week we’re talking about irritation.  This skin type is fickle, so you’re going to have to give it  a bit more TLC and attention.  Sensitive skin reacts quickly and it doesn’t take much to set it off.  Common reactions include enlarged pores, Rosacea, or dehydration.  The use of a mask can easily trigger sensitive skin, though this skin type is tricky to keep happy, natural alternatives to chemical products are a great place to start!  We have a few recommendations to prevent and treat irritations caused by masking in the new normal.

    What Pure + Simple services are best for sensitive skin?

    We have several services at our clean beauty spas which are ideal for treating and preventing irritation caused by masking.

    1. Hydrate, to prevent irritation with our best selling and top rated, Super Hydrating Facial which includes our award winning Collagen Hydra Mask as well as an oxygen treatment.

    2. Reduce redness and inflammation with a cooling and hydrating facial such as our Aquabrasion Facial.  Cold, purified saline water gently stimulates skin circulation to reduce redness and cool inflamed skin.

    3. Our IPL Rosacea Facial reduces redness by cauterizing broken capillaries for long-term results.  For increased and more immediate results try an LED Light Treatment Add-On which activates cell turnover and boosts the skin’s healing process.


    On the topic of skincare for the new normal, let’s chat about safety in our spas!  On top of new protocols and safety precautions to keep our clients and staff safe, we’ve also invented a protective shield, which provides a  barrier between our estheticians and clients during facial services.  For more information on this innovation and how it’s keeping you and our estheticians safe, we have a whole blog post and videos!  If you’re curious, or hesitant to return to your regular facial services we recommend checking THIS PAGE out to learn more!


    What can you do at home to prevent and treat mask irritation?

    For sensitive skin your best cure for irritation is hydrating and soothing products to keep skin happy under your mask.

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