• Behind the Mask: Skincare for the New Normal - Fine Lines + Dehydration

    Welcome to our new series, where we will be discussing the effects of masks on the three skin types.  We know skincare can be complicated to begin with, but adding a mask to the mix can definitely exacerbate issues for every skin type.  Whether you’re prone to breakouts, have sensitive skin, or tend towards dry skin, the new normal has taken its toll.  In this series you’ll learn a bit more about your skin type and how to care for it when wearing a mask.  We’ll be recommending products, services and helpful tips and tricks!  Follow along with us as we navigate skincare in the new normal, together.

    Is your mask sucking the moisture from your skin?  Do you find the edges of your mask pulling tightly along your delicate complexion, leaving lines and wrinkles that weren't there before!?  For skin which is mature, or dry and dehydrated to begin with, masking can exacerbate dehydration and even increase the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Not only can these cloth masks absorb moisture from our skin, but for skin which has lost tone and collagen, impressions in the skin can be found from the mask’s edges pulling and pressing on the skin.  If you’ve found your skin to be looking older and less plump and dewy since wearing a mask, consider booking in for a relaxing service, or treating yourself to some luxuriously hydrating serums and moisture locking creams from our clean line of skincare..

    Toronto best voted spa: Pure and Simple

    What Pure + Simple services are best for sensitive skin?

    One of our highly-trained esthetician’s at our clean beauty spas will be happy to consult with you and provide one of the following services which will  prevent and treat dehydration and premature aging.  

    What can you do at home to prevent and treat mask irritation?

    Mature and dehydrated skin benefits most from a routine which includes collagen and lots of hydration.

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