• Show Your Skin Some Gentle Love

    By Pure + Simple cofounder Jean Eng

    Happy February! In this month of love, don’t forget to show yourself some appreciation, too. While loving ourselves can be difficult for most of us, practicing self-love can be as easy as pampering and taking care of our skin every day.

    When we use AHA or retinol peels on our skin to eradicate wrinkles or blemishes, we are being rough. And when we do it daily we are basically trying to punish our skin into submission.

    It is so much more beneficial for our skin health, beauty, and longevity to be gentler. If you are used to exfoliating every day, I recommend reducing the frequency to every second or third day to avoid over-scrubbing and damaging your skin. I would also suggest following a skincare regime that rebuilds skin health instead of aggravating it with harsh products that does more damage than good.

    My suggestion includes the following basic regime:

    Cleanse gently without stripping skin’s moisture and natural oils with a cleansing milk like our Sensitive Cleansing Milk. If your skin has cystic acne, I would recommend a gentle gel cleanser with an Aloe Vera base, like our Pure Skin Face Wash.

    I do not recommend people tone unless they have some skin imbalance they want to correct. For very sensitive skin I would tone with Holistic Vanity’s Healing Immortelle Skin Tonic. For cystic acne, it is ideal to tone with an Organic Witch Hazel Hydrosol, as it purifies without stripping the skin.

    Serums are an important part of keeping skin healthy and looking fresh and dewy. For those who want to reduce facial lines, the Collagen Elastin Plus serum is a good choice as it complements your skin’s own Collagen and Elastin to plump up the skin and hydrate it from the inside out. If nourishing maturing skin and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores is your main concern, the Minimalist Face Lift Serum Plus is an excellent choice as its whey protein base is full of antioxidants and skin-strengthening properties. For acneic skin types, the Pure Skin Face Serum will keep your skin moist while keeping those blemishes away. Lastly, most skin types will love the Hydration Serum for its calming Aloe Vera base.

    Face oils have become quite popular these days. In the winter, face oils should not be used without a moisturizer to protect the skin. Oils for maturing, dry skin include Argan, Rosehip, Avocado and Sesame. Oils that help reduce inflammation in sensitive or rosacea skin include Babasso, Camellia, Chamomile, and Coconut. Oil-balancing oils include Hazelnut, Jojoba, and Petitgrain. Purifying oils include Black Cumin, Tea Tree, and Sage.

    Moisturizers are the armour your skin needs to protect against the external conditions from dryness, sunshine, wind, and cold. The thinner your skin, the more susceptible it is to damage and aging; therefore, a thicker, more protective cream like the Minimalist Face Cream is desired.

    Don’t wait till this time of year to show your skin some love. It’s the little everyday actions that count!

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