A healing and soothing tonic that hydrates + repairs damaged skin tissue. This precious skin tonic is great for reducing inflammation and is a refreshing way to rejuvenate damaged skin.

Vegan, Nut Free

Key ingredient:

Immortelle Flower Water: The sole ingredient in this product. Also known as Helichrysum or "Everlasting," the Immortelle flower is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and rejuvenating properties. Immortelle is also an antioxidant that repairs free radical damage and stimulates cellular regeneration.


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Helichrysum Italicum (Imortelle) Flower Water*Certified organic This all-natural product is made up of 100% organic ingredients


Place 2-3 pumps of this tonic into the center of your palm, then clasp them together, spreading tonic to both hands. Press gently into clean skin, applying it to the entire face (including eye area) and neck. This can be done day and night, or in the morning only if using Holistic Vanity's Anti-Inflam Calendula Skin Tonic as a nighttime concentrate.


Can be used after tattooing and body piercing to heal scar tissue and clean the area.

Customer Reviews

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I bought this by mistake a few months ago and it was a good mistake. I really like this tonic. It's a bit hard to put on because it's watery but it does a great job.


I was recommended this toner after my facial and since then have been my skincare staple. I use about 2 pumps, spread it all over my hands, and then press it into my face. A great skincare addition to my routine - the holistic vanity products are amazing organic products!


I decided to try this line even though I don't have rosacea but I have a lot of acne. I recently found out that my skin is actually really sensitive, so I started using more products geared toward sensitive skin rather than acne prone skin. This has helped with my breakouts so much and I'm really excited to try more products from this line.


I have rosacea and my esthetician recommended this product to use after cleansing and before moisturizing. It's a little difficult to apply (it's a liquid) but feels really good on my sensitive and inflamed skin. It calms things down and helps my skin heal & repair itself. I follow with my moisturizer or oil. I also apply it whenever I feel like my skin needs a little TLC. It has a bit of a weird, smoky smell too, but that's from the immortelle flower and a small price to pay for such a nice tonic.