Waxing + Tinting

Hair Tinting

Get full lashes and defined eyebrows with Pure + Simple's tinting service. Perfect for destination vacations, when you don't want to apply eye makeup everyday

Why Hair Tinting at Pure + Simple?

  • A water-resistant and smudge proof tint Lasts 7 - 8 weeks
  • Custom colours can be mixed
  • Can be added to any of your facials
Area Price
Eyelashes $25
Eyebrows $20

Hair Waxing

Pine resin wax is used for any waxing services at Pure + Simple. Pine resin wax desensitize the skin reducing redness and discomfort. It is a strong natural stabilized wax which gets the bulb of the hair upon removal.

Our waxing method involves using organic oils that are non-comedogenic instead of powder as a barrier between the skin and wax which results in:

  • Leaving skin less red and irritated
  • Helps prevent ingrown hair
  • Keeping skin hydrated + acts as a barrier resulting in a less painful waxing experience as the oil softens the skin
  • Oils are customized to your skin type
Area Price
Brow $15
Brow Shape $18
Chin $15
Upper Lip $12
Underarm $20
Stomach $35
Bikini $25
Bikini $35
Brazilian $55
Chest $40
Back $40
Half Arm $35
Full Arm $50
Half Leg $40
Full Leg $60