• Managing Rosacea In Autumn Part 1: Short-Term Plan

    By Pure + Simple co-founder Jean Eng

    Rosacea is a common chronic skin condition that affects millions of people yearly. It is characterized by an easily-aggravated complexion that often flares up to reveal red, irritated skin. Rosacea is mainly caused by heat to our skin from the external environment or internally by diet or stress. So, logically, the cooler autumn weather should mean managing rosacea and preventing flare ups should be easier.

    Why then can fall bring rosacea flare ups for so many?

    1. Internal heat can be caused by physical things like our diet and also by our thoughts and actions. The turbulent energy of fall can create what Ayurveda would call a Pitta imbalance as well as a sense of emotional chaos that creates internal heat from stress. So, even though the lower temperatures make it less likely that rosacea would be triggered by external heat, it can still manifest itself through other channels.
    2. If we are over 35, our body and skin can become dry and dehydrated, leaving our skin cells unable to protect the fine network of capillaries passing through. This results in dilated capillaries that show up as redness on our skin and can trigger rosacea.
    3. A lack of care or sun overexposure in the summer months can cause all skin types to become more dehydrated, again leading to dilated capillaries and can trigger rosacea in the fall. 

    The good news is that rosacea can be controlled easily with proper adjustments to our skincare, lifestyle, and diet. The most effective rosacea-managing strategies will include a long-term and short-term plan.

    To see immediate, short-term relief, begin with a customized skincare routine to plump up the skin with hydration. Start with these simple steps:

    Then, follow these tips to calm your chronically red skin:

    • Create a non-irritating skincare routine with the Holistic Vanity Rosacea Care line.
    • Cauterize your chronically dilated capillaries with an IPL Rosacea Facial + creating a long-term plan to care for your skin and health.
    • Nurture you skin with results-focused facials. I like recommending the Aquabrasion Facial as it reduces congestion in your skin by stimulating circulation as well as cool down your skin. Again, do this with a long term plan in mind. 

    For a more comprehensive view of sensitive skin and rosacea, click here.

    Plus, read more about long-term strategies for managing rosacea in part 2!

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