• IPL Treatment For Mild To Moderate Acne

    In this age of high stress, pollution, and junk food, acne is widespread. Zits, pimples, pustules, blemishes – whatever we call them,we detest them. For some, it may be a minor annoyance, but for others it undermines self-image and lowers self-esteem. Many of us panic and seek the advice of dermatologists at the first sight of blemishes, which can lead to a stream of harsh salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and tireless peels of retinol cream. This only worsens the problem by unbalancing + depleting the skin,causing more blemishes.

    The approach should more holistic. Most people viewacne as an enemy -- seeing a pimple makes them want to eliminate it, extractit, and dry it out. This reflects the attitude that acne is a topical + externalproblem, not an internal imbalance, coming to the surface and expressingitself.

    A pimple is a clogged pore, which has become infectedand inflamed, turning it into a pustule. This why the minimization ofblackheads decreases acne. Pustules are red, inflamed pimples with a white,puss-filled head. They need an antibacterial treatment for prevention. Using adry clay or mud spot treatment helps as it dries and draws out blemishes. Ifthat doesn’t help, extracting them when they are ready, is the fastest way toheal them.

    But for those of us with more stubborn mild tomoderate cases of acne, we might need some additional assistance. Pure + simple’sIntense Pulse Light (IPL) facial treatment is a safe, effective, and drug-freesolution. It is ideal for those who want lasting results with no downtime.


    Pure + simple uses SharpLight’s skinsolution systems, which involves the use of hand held flash lamps that emitgentle pulses of light, which is absorbed in different skin lesions.

    Visible Blue Light is used to produce free radicals in the sebaceous gland, which destroys bacteria on the acne lesions, without damaging surrounding tissue.
    YellowLight is used to coagulate the feeding blood vessels to improve their healing;and, finally, Infrared Light is applied to dry the lesions.
    Unique Cooling System minimizes pain and discomfort.
    In addition to receiving these results, clients enjoy the benefits of a relatively painless treatment with no side-effects.
    Technology in skincare can leave clients out in the cold. Pure + Simple humanizes the technology with the addition of a massage, along with elements of a facial experience. The IPL facial treatment for Acne also includes an oxygen treatment to hydrate + purify skin.

    IPL treatments are now available at all Pure+simple locations. Book your FREE test-patch + consultations today!

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