• Beauty Imitates Nature

    With all the miracle creams and magic potions on the market these days, it seems skincare has become pretty complicated. Every week there's a new “wonder ingredient” claiming to turn back the hands of time – but it's not just about what's in your products, it's also about what's not in them. Scouring ingredient lists a mile long just trying to find one name you recognize is exhausting; who knew you had to be a chemist just to know what's going on your skin?!


    We at Pure + Simple have our own secret formula for beautiful skin – one that's safe, effective, and easy to understand: Nature. Drawing inspiration from both the natural world around us and the natural state within us, we seek to simplify skincare and bring it back to its roots. At Pure + Simple, beauty imitates nature. And in doing so, nature supplements beauty.

    1. Cleanser
    Naturally healthy skin just isn’t stripped or sterile the way most cleansers leave you! Using a gentle, non-stripping cleanser is necessary to preserve skin's health, vitality, and beauty!

    a. Example: Pure + Simple Sensitive Cleansing Milk
    This ultra-gentle milk cleanser is perfect for removing makeup and cleansing the skin in one easy step! This cleanser offers a thorough clean that doesn’t leave skin dry or tight.

    2. Serum
    Hydration levels in the skin are determined by water content. That’s why a water-rich, deeply penetrating serum can help skin stay supple, smooth, and plump from the inside out!

    a. Example: Collagen Elastin Plus
    This wonder-serum contains 10% marine collagen, helping to hydrate while also encouraging the skin’s own natural collagen production. Stimulating, yet soothing!

    3. Oil
    It’s a common misconception that oil is bad for the skin – it’s actually a necessity! Oil helps with moisture, affecting skin’s texture, elasticity, and ability to effectively hold water content.

    a. Example: Pure Skin Face Oil
    The mass-market idea of “purifying” really means stripping. Applying oil to congested skin might seem odd, but it actually helps moisturize, detoxify, and improve skin health.

    4. Moisturizer
    Think of a moisturizer as an ingredient seal and a protective barrier. It helps to lock all the healthy nutrients in the skin, while also keeping harmful materials out – double duty!

    a. Example: Beautiful Skin Face Cream
    This light cream truly lives up to its name! Essential fatty acids help to encourage regeneration, restore much-need nutrients, and keep skin plump and protected.

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