• Ayurveda – Pitta

    Pitta : Fire

    Pitta gets a lot of heat for being such a direct and driven dosha, but there are certainly benefits to being a fiery type! Not only is Pitta a tenacious and ambitious person, but with just a little work they can achieve that much desired athletic build and their skin can have a beautiful golden hue!

    However, it’s important for Pitta to keep the skin well hydrated and always protect it from environmental factors like excessive sun, heat, or wind in order to prevent redness, rosacea, moles, and hyperpigmentation. Pitta is also prone to acne due to heat, capillary damage, and inflammation caused by diet, toxins, or stress – and in extreme cases the skin can become swollen.

    Pitta imbalances tend to show up in the form of inflammatory disorders, such as hypertension and heat rashes, as well as allergic disorders like intolerances, allergies, and eczema. It’s best to keep the skin cool in order to reduce inflammation and to avoid high-stress situations or exercise that will flush the blood through the circulatory system (cardiovascular exercise).

    Pitta is a mentally and physically stimulated Dosha and relishes in activity. This can put undue stress on the body and skin. To keep your skin looking smooth, clear, and youthful, follow a few of our tips below.

    The Pitta in you will want to try all of these at once . . . but start off slow, my friend! If you try too much at once you’ll only become frustrated. Remember, let calm heads prevail, start slow with one or two tips and add a few more until you become the pro we all know you are!

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