• New Year, New Skin - 5 Self Care Resolutions To Start Your Year Right!

    January can be a month of broken promises, if you allow yourself to make half-baked resolutions. The resolutions we make, from health to diet to exercise, or refraining from poor lifestyle habits, are typically about improving our appearance. It may seem frivolous and shallow, but this motivation can help to improve our wellbeing and self confidence. Remember: vanity is good for you.

    Here are 5 wellness resolutions, which will directly impact your appearance and help you achieve fast and easy results. They focus on your skin to deliver a healthy, smooth canvas for your favourite make up look or give you the sought-after no makeup look.

    Design and commit to a beauty routine that gets you the results you want. Beauty isn’t something that happens overnight but is something that requires repetition.

    Keep it simple by understanding your skin’s basic biology. The 5 steps to beautiful skin are based on helping mother nature.

    1. Connect with yourself

    Don’t panic when you find unexpected spots or lines on your skin. Instead of focusing on symptoms, look for the root of the problem. The location of a blemish or rash can tell you a lot about the condition of the rest of your body.

    2. Keep it pure + simple

    Your lifestyle can majorly affect your skin. Avoid ingredients that disrupt your hormone receptors, such as phthalates, parabens and triclosan, as well as known carcinogens like propylene, glycol and fragrances.

    3. Keep it clean, gently.

    Using a cleanser daily is important but you don’t want something that will irritate your skin. You should opt for a cleansing milk that has natural oils and a gentle cleansing agent to remove dirt, makeup and grime without leaving your skin dry or red.

    4. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

    Pump up your skin hydration with a serum. Look for ingredients like Seaweed, Aloe Vera and proteins like Collagen and Elastin to supplement the work of your dermis and keep your skin plump and youthful.

    Increase moisturization with the right face oil for your skin type. Rich Avocado for dry skin, calming Babasso for sensitive skin, and purifying Black Cumin works best for blemished skin.

    5. Get help from a Skincare Sage

    Speak with one of our experienced and skilled aestheticians who can give you guidance in developing a customized routine catered to your personal beliefs, budget and preferences that will solve your most annoying beauty peeves.

    Whether it is chronic acne or wrinkles, getting to the matter now and acting on it will make your life easier. You can find your nearest location here.

    Resolutions can be hard to commit to, but your body is a priority. Your skin is a reflection of your body, so let’s make 2020 the year you commit to taking care of your skin!

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