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    Microneedling - Scar Add-On


    Elevate your Microneedling treatment with our Scar Add-On to precisely target + conquer the most stubborn scarring!

    *** Add-ons cannot be purchased alone. Must be combined with Microneedling Treatment.

    Please contact your favourite spa for more information.


  • No accutane for the past 6 months, no exceptions. 
  • No Microneedling treatments within the last 4 weeks. 
  • No Botox 2 weeks prior. 
  • No fillers 4 weeks prior.
  • No IPL/Laser procedures for 7 days prior to Microneedling. (If you have done CO2, wait 3 months). 
  • No waxing, depilatory creams or electrolysis 7 days prior to the procedure. 
  • No shaving the day of the procedure. 
  • If a client has a history of cold sores, an antiviral agent is suggested but not essential (start 2 days prior to treatment). This can help mitigate the risk of an outbreak.
  • No autoimmune therapies or products 12 hours prior to treatment. 
  • Avoid Retin-A products (retinoids), topical antibiotics, hydroquinone + benzoyl peroxide 3 days prior to treatment. 
  • No acids or exfoliates should be used by the client for at least 1-3 days before the treatment. (Eg. AHA or BHA) 
  • No prolonged sun exposure 24 hours prior to the treatment (should not be administered on sunburned skin). 
  • If active or extreme breakouts occur before treatment, the client can be treated but the infected area must be avoided or the procedure should be rescheduled. 
  • To decrease the risk of bruising, the client should avoid excessive Alcohol, Aspirin, NSAIDs (ibuprofen, Aleve). These are not contraindicated to the treatment.

Locations Offering this Service

  • Eglinton
  • Yorkville 
  • Oshawa
  • Waterloo
  • Richmond Hill 
  • King West 
  • Oakville Mississauga

After Care

- Any redness + irritation that results from this treatment are typically resolved within 24 hours. 

- Some clients experience a slight shedding of the skin for 1-4 days following this treatment. 

- Clients must avoid alcohol, exercise, excessive heat + skincare that contains active ingredients at least 48 hours after this treatment. 

- Your skincare professional will provide you with after-care products + detailed instructions.

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