Gift + Glow this holiday season with Pure + Simple’s Holiday gift guide for your skin. Whether you are a seasonal skincare enthusiast or a newbie convert, Pure + Simple gift sets will bring out your Unique glow. 

    Our Holiday gift sets will please everyone on your list, from the face-mask-loving friend to the lip-balm junkie sister or the spa-a-holic Aunt. Here’s to being the best, unique (& glowing) version of ourselves this Christmas & every other skin-loving day of the year!  


    Lip Kit
    1. Protect & Plump Kit - Get our Bestselling Winter essentials Lip protection kit! A sell-OUT every year. Designed to provide extra care during the cold, harsh months of winter. It contains - a gentle Lip Scrub, and an intensely moisturizing lavender and peppermint lip balm for soft, nourished & hydrated lips. Muah! 

    Purifying Mask

    1. Purifying Masks Kit x 3 - Masks, masks and more masks. You can make every Sunday a mask & movie night this season. Our trio of masks will help you exfoliate, purify and hydrate your skin, leaving you with the healthiest glow all through Winter. The set contains:

      1. Purifying French Clay Mask - Perfectly suited for acne-prone skin, this mask draws out impurities and toxins leaving behind purified skin. 
      2. Calming Cucumber Mask - A hydrating and calming mask that feels like a hug to your skin. Great for all skin types, this cooling gel will plump and brighten your face. 
      3. Skin Nourishing Exfoliant + Mask - A powerful exfoliating mask that nourishes the skin, while removing dead skin cells to reveal the holiday glow.

    Rejuvenating Mask

    1. Rejuvenating Mask Kit x 3 - The only set of masks you will need to bring your skin back to life post all the holiday parties. Created to satisfy any skin type and meet all your masking needs this set contains:

      1. Rejuvenating Rosehip Mask - A luxurious cream mask to hydrate, moisturize and nourish the skin. 
      2. Calming Cucumber Mask - Ultimate thirst-quenching and calming mask for dehydrated and sensitive skin.  
      3. Pure Skin Clarifying Clay Mask - A clarifying mask to fight off all the acne caused by holidays special diet of wine and sugar.

    Natural Beauty Starter Kit

    1. Natural Beauty Starter - This Christmas, jingle all the way to healthy, dewy and glowing skin with Pure + Simple’s Natural Beauty Starter Kit. A 3-step routine of our cleanser, serum and lotion is all you need to get that summerlike glow in the winter. A set so great that you may end just saving one for yourself too! The set contains: 
      1. Gentle Botanical Face WashA gentle cleanser for all skin types that doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils, while thoroughly cleaning it. 
      2. Vitamin C Brightening SerumA must-have skin-brightening Vitamin C serum for the ultimate glow and shot of radiance. 
      3. Soothe & Smooth Face LotionA deeply hydrating and nourishing lotion that leaves the skin soft and supple. 

    Body Trio-Naked, Celebration, and Mystique

    1. Body Trio Limited Edition - TLC for your whole body, coz why should face have all the fun? Give some extra love to your body as well with our Body Trio of body wash, lotion and cream. Available in soothing aromas of warming ginger and Tangiers, along with an unscented option, they will leave your skin winter-proof from top to toe. 


    Get your Christmas Glow at one of our 8 amazing local spas! Even better, give the gift of glow to one of your loved ones and pamper them on this holiday of love. Get them a one-to-one session with our amazing aestheticians for a relaxing, rejuvenating facial that brightens the skin from the outside and warms the soul from the inside. Choose from our most popular facials – Pure Glow, MicroBright and Rejuvenating H2O treatment for skin that is hydrated, healthy and deeply nourished.  


    Glow brighter than the Christmas lights this coming season with Pure+Simple’s Pure Glow facial. Powered by a Professional Strength Exfoliating Peel, this facial will revive dull, uneven texture leaving the skin radiant and lit from within. 

    Suitable for all skin types, especially oily, blemish-prone, and acneic skin types.


    Get the warm, dewy European summer skin in the Canadian winter with our MicroBright facial! A classic European massage facial combined with purifying effects of Microdermabrasion known for polishing, re-texturizing and thoroughly cleansing the skin. It will reverse the damage and infuse maximum hydration into your skin for a plump bright healthy-looking complexion. 

    Ideal For: All skin types, including dry + mature skin types.


    A pre-party essential treatment, this facial will add new life to your skin. Our Rejuvenation H20 facial gently targets fine lines, dullness and acne scars to leave skin silky smooth with renewed radiance. It delivers instant results by leaving the skin hydrated and with improved clarity and texture. A perfect gift for anyone feeling those winter blues!

    Ideal for: Devitalized, Dull, Dehydrated, and Mature Skin

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