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    Clari Tea

    163g / $26.00

    A tea designed to clarify the skin and digestive system. Inspired by a traditional ayurvedic formula, this tea is back in our collection due to its cult following. Tastes like curry in a mug - while it’s not a conventional taste profile, the results are why its so beloved!


For who?

Those prone to blemishes, blackheads - and/or sluggish digestion and bowel movements..

What skin types benefit?

Acne, congested skin

Size: 163g

Servings: 35-40 per bag


Featured Ingredient

Fennel: This herb is one of the oldest remedies for aiding digestion. So powerful at soothing digestive inflammation that is widely used in many cultures as a post-meal snack. In modern research, fennel has been found to help with improved intestinal function

Cumin: An herb that helps regulate bowel movements and decrease bloating. This aromatic preps the body for digestion.

Coriander: The oils found in the leaves of this plant has been shown to have an effect against acne-causing bacteria. A cooling herb, coriander is used in Asian medicine as an anti-inflammatory and natural chelator. 

Turmeric: A powerhouse anti-inflammatory also used for liver support and protection. The liver is essential for filtering waste and toxicants from the body as well as facilitating digestion and metabolism. Turmeric helps temper inflammation and aid natural detoxification.

Full Ingredients
Foeniculum Vulgare, Cuminum Cyminum, Coriandrum Sativum, Curcuma Longa


Steep 1 tablespoons in one mug (8 oz) of boiled water (95°C)  for 10 minutes*. Drink and enjoy.

*Do not exceed 3 cups daily

Pro tip: instead of using water, use bone broth for a warming, nutrient-rich, soup-like infusion.

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