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    CellLIFT Serum 30ml


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    Ultra-Smoothing Plumping Cellular Serum *Winner of the Elite Beauty Award Grand Prix*Suitable for: All skin types, including sensitive skinTexture: Liquid gel Cellcosmet CellLift Serum is the ultimate anti-aging elixir! This instantly firming, hydrating and densifying formula filled with active ingredients has a Botox-like effect and helps plump skin tissue for a smoother, younger-looking complexion. After the first application, the skin is literally plumped, smoothed and revitalized.


    Optimises the quality of cellular renewal

    Smoothes the skin’s surface with its micro-exfoliant action

    Restores volume to the face and harmonizes skin texture

    Tones and maintains skin firmness

    Corrects skin sagging (jowls)

    Protects, hydrates intensively and prevents the skin’s water loss

    Clinically proven efficacy

    Hormone, silicone, dyestuff and alcohol-free

    Dermatologically tested, allergy tested


    Visibly younger-looking skin

    Redensified and revitalised skin

    Restored volume and redefined contours/li>

    More toned, supple and deeply hydrated skin

    Smoothed skin texture

    Even, radiant complexion

    Key Active Ingredients:

    Active Stabilized Bio-Integral Cells (10%): Intensively revitalizing, rebalancing

    Expert Hyaluron Complex: Immediate smoothing, plumping and intensely hydrating action; forms a supportive mesh

    Hyaluronic Liposomic Complex: Densifies, intensely hydrates, restores the lipid barrier and protects the skin

    Aloe Ferox: Intensely healing and anti-inflammatory; smoothing and tightening; powerful regenerating action

    Phyto-Tensor Complex: Instantly smoothing, long-lasting firming and hydrating effect

    DNA: Highly regenerating and healing, intensely hydrating, antioxidant, prevents skin sagging by protecting fibroblasts

    Dermo-Relaxing Peptide Complex: Skin relaxing effect, controls micro-contractions of the facial muscles and reduces expression lines

    Ferméclat Peptide Complex: Maintains skin firmness and reveals a brighter complexion

    Kombucha: Activates skin micro-circulation, smooths and refines skin texture for a more even, radiant complexion

    Size: 30 ml / 1.01 oz



    Derived from medical cellulotherapy, the Cellcosmet cellular cosmeceuticals for women are the only treatments of their kind to respect the physiological age of the skin and its feminine identity.

    Cellcosmet's range of cosmeceuticals are at the crossroads of a cosmetic product and a pharmaceutical product, using cutting-edge, scientific formulations for cosmetic purposes. Made with an exceptionally high concentration of cellular extracts, Cellcosmet cosmeceuticals have revolutionary revitalizing power that produce both superficial action and therapeutic action.