Suitable for: All skin types, particularly women from age 30Texture: Liquid serumCellcosmet Ultra Brightening Elasto-Collagen-XT is a cellular serum packed with high-performance active ingredients. Containing 15% Active Stabilised Bio-Integral Cells, this serum works as an actively repairing and brightening treatment that visibly reduces pigmentation spots, while maintaining and improving the skin’s firmness, elasticity and hydration levels.Details: Progressively lightens natural skin tone Prevents the formation of new unattractive cutaneous pigments Restores skin’s suppleness and softness Intense Hydration Isotonic Allergy tested and non-comedogenic

Results: Pigmentation spots are visibly reduced Lightened natural complexion Skin appears firmer Skin is better moisturized and more supple

Key Ingredients: Active Stabilised Bio-Integral Cells (15 %): Cellular revitalization Expert Brightening Complex: Brightens the natural tone of the complexion and visibly reduces all types of pigmentation spots Expert Hydrolysed Elasto-Collagen Complex: Firming, anti-elastase, anti-collagenase, highly moisturizing Expert Sturcture Complex: Rejuvenates the appearance of the skin, redefines the facial structure HydraProtect Complex: Long-Lasting Hydratating action Matricaria Chamomilla Extract: Softening and regenerating

Size: 12 vials | 12 x 1.5 ml / 12 × 0.05 fl oz