Suitable for: All skin typesTexture: Silky smooth cream

Cellcosmet Exfoliant Dual Action uses both enzymatic action and mechanical action to gently stimulate the natural peeling process, remove dead cells and impurities and brighten, revealing softer, smoother and more radiant skin.Details:

Maximizes skin's receptivity

Dermatologically tested

Enzymatic Action:

Gently accelerates the natural peeling of the skin’s keratinised cells

Unblocks pores from accumulated impurities

Eliminates surface blackheads

Mechanical Action:

Refines skin’s texture through the exfoliating action of spherical micropolymers

Eliminates dead skin cells and helps skin breathe

Brightens a dull complexion


Smoother, cleaner and softer skin

A more radiant complexion

Tightened pores

Skin that is more receptive to Cellcosmet products

Key Active Ingredients:

Jojoba and Cellulose Microspheres: Cleansing, exfoliating and gentle polishing action

Enzymatic Exfoliating Complex derived from Extract of Hibiscus + Natural Protease: Gently accelerates the skin’s natural shedding process

Extract of Larch: Strengthens the enzymatic exfoliating action

Size: 60 ml / 2.06 oz