• Aquafolia

    Intensive Regulating Complex

    30ml / $87.00

    Moisturizing, anti-imperfections gel that visibly helps in reducing the oily sensation on the skin with small molecular weight hyaluronic acid.


Highly concentrated with a specific complex that visibly helps in reducing the appearance of imperfections, the oily sensation on the skin combined with pure olive leaf concentrate that improve skin texture. The skin appears clearer and healthier. Leaves your skin feeling fresh. Contains a small biotech molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Features: Vegan, free of Gluten, Nuts, Parabens, BHT, BHA, Coloring, Silicone, Mineral Oil, TEA + MEA Suitable for: Combination, oily and blemish-prone skin types


Improves skin texture Reduces hyperkeratinization (obstruction of the follicular canal) and inflammation Soothing refreshing sensation Seboregulator (Diminishes sebum sensation) Diminishes the appearance of imperfections Helps regulate problem skin by hydration

Key Ingredients:

Green, White + Red Teas - Polyphenols: Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory NDGA + Oleanolic Acid: Diminishes sebum sensation Hyaluronic Acid (Small Molecular Size – Biotech): Moisturizes and helps retain water Olive Leaf Extract:/i> Antioxidant and antibacterial action