• Using Salt To Achieve Your Deepest Clean

    By Jean Eng

    Every once in a while, our skin demands something that really makes our skin feel shiny and new. Microdermabrasion is more than just a deep clean; it’s a transformation!

    Microdermabrasion is a treatment that gives the skin a very deep exfoliation. It is meant to scrub away dead skin, leaving the rest of the skin hydrated, rejuvenated, and smooth. This specific treatment also stimulates proper circulation, encouraging collagen production and oxygenation of the skin, giving it a renewed and rejuvenated look.

    At Pure + simple, we use salt instead of the traditional aluminum crystals or diamond tips that some other spas use. We love using salt because it is a natural healing mineral with many restorative properties. As salt is water-soluble, it gently abrades the skin without scratching it, making it a gentle yet effective non-toxic option for all skin types. Plus, it offers powerful anti-septic and anti-inflammatory benefits!

    So how do microdermabrasion treatments work? Well, instead of using a conventional vacuum that pulls the crystals across the skin, the Salt Microdermabrasion machine used in our services blows salt crystals across the skin at a 25 degree angle. This unique method achieves even better results than traditional microdermabrasion methods as it reduces trauma to the treatment area, which in turn reduces the downtime needed after treatments.

    Salt Microdermabrasion is an incredible treatment for many skin types, but it is especially beneficial for:

    People concerned about fine lines and other signs of aging (including mature skin) as the salt encourages new cell growth as dead skin cells are removed.
    People with scarring and/or acneic skin types. Since salt is so purifying, this helps to reduce inflammation while promoting the healing of scar tissue from previous breakouts.
    People with uneven skin tone and sun damage. When the salt removes the dead skin cells, it also helps to remove sun damaged tissue.
    But of course, the delight doesn’t stop with your facial! To prolong the effects of your treatment, make sure that you take these steps afterwards:

    Boost your Collagen levels with our Pure + simple Collagen Elastin Plus as a part of your daily routine. The Minimalist Face Lift Serum is also a good option to improve skin elasticity and reduce inflammation.
    Make sure that your skin is well hydrated! The Minimalist Face Cream and Pure + simple Nourishing Sunflower Cream are excellent options!
    Beautiful Skin Naturally is all within reach. Our Salt Microdermabrasion is sure to make your skin feel bright during this holiday season. Book in for a consultation today!

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