• Understanding Rosacea and What You Can Do About It

    What exactly is rosacea? Rosacea is a skin condition that often shows up as redness on your face, especially on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. Imagine it as your skin blushing - but not always for the right reasons. It might look like you're constantly sun-kissed or have a mysterious rash, and it can be tricky to manage if you don't know how to deal with it.

    What causes Rosacea?

    While the exact cause of rosacea is still unclear, it is thought to result from a combination of factors.

    Your Genes: If your family has a history of rosacea, it might have been passed down to you.

    Inflammation: Inflammation within the skin plays a pivotal role in rosacea, contributing to its unpredictable nature.

    Abnormal Blood Vessels: Abnormalities in the blood vessels of the face are thought to contribute to the redness and flushing associated with rosacea.

    What are the symptoms of Rosacea?

    Recognizing the symptoms of rosacea is crucial for effective treatment. The condition often presents itself as:

    Persistent Facial Redness: Consistent redness on the central part of the face, typically on the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin.

    Visible Blood Vessels: Small, red blood vessels known as telangiectasia or spider veins may become visible on the skin.

    Pimple-Like Bumps: Raised, red bumps or pustules can appear on the face, resembling acne. 

    Flushing and Blushing: Frequent flushing or blushing, often triggered by factors such as spicy foods, alcohol, temperature changes, and emotional stress.

    How can Pure + Simple help?

    While there is no magic cure for Rosacea, there are ways to treat it! At Pure + Simple, we cater to those with rosacea and have expert estheticians who are knowledgeable. 

    In-Spa Services 

    IPL Rosacea Treatment

    This quick, down to business treatment for rosacea uses a special light to target those red spots on your face, breaking them into smaller bits, and leaving your healthy skin untouched. Our treatments focus on the concern at hand rather than other facial components, meaning you are in and out with time to spare!

    For best results, we recommend 4-6 sessions, spaced out 2-4 weeks apart. 

    IPL Rosacea Facial 

    We've got high-tech wizardry called IPL (Intense Pulse Light) to zap those troublesome blood vessels, leaving your skin looking radiant and less red. Enjoy all of the additions of our facial services, including steam, a calming scalp, shoulder + décolleté massage, and our Collagen Hydra Face + Neck Mask to cool off.

    Aquabright Facial 

    This facial infuses hydration, exfoliates dead skin cells, and plumps the skin. The Aquabrasion exfoliation enhances the effectiveness of the LED light by allowing it to penetrate more deeply. The LED light treatment can aid in reducing redness and inflammation associated with rosacea. 

    LED Add-On 

    While the primary purpose of the LED Add-on is to enhance overall skin health, it can play a significant role in managing rosacea by reducing redness and inflammation. For those with rosacea, who may have developed scarring due to past flare-ups, this will promote scar healing and a smoother skin texture.  

    Product Offerings

    Holistic Vanity Aloe Creamy Cleanser 

    This milky cleanser treats ultra-sensitive skin and rosacea-ridden skin. This anti-inflammatory cleansing milk helps infuse moisture back into your skin. 

    Pure + Simple Organic Rose Hydrosol 

    The steam-distilled rose water hydrosol, with its calming and hydrating properties, is ideal for individuals with mild rosacea-prone skin, helping reduce redness and maintain skin tone and elasticity. This natural and gentle product provides soothing relief and hydration for sensitive skin.

    Pure + Simple Sensitive Skin Face Oil 

    This light, fast-absorbing face oil is designed to alleviate redness, heat, and irritation. It maintains your skin's hydration to help reduce triggers for rosacea.  

    Holistic Vanity Crisis MGMT Cream 

    This cream will help soothe irritation, red blotches + inflamed acne with its powerful ingredients. With its two pronged approach, Crisis MGMT helps calm skin flare-ups and builds long-term resilience. 

    Start treating your rosacea today! Book an appointment today at a location near you.

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