• Tips To Survive TIFF - The Ayurvedic Way

    Fall is party time and TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival, is one of the most awaited events in the city. Between catching an 80’s movie screening, to celeb-spotting, waiting in line-ups and after-parties, what keeps us going is the booze, swag snacks from corporate sponsors and food trucks. One must eat from a food truck!

    It is not until the morning after that we realize how all the fun has been a little too hard on our body. You wake up feeling + looking some kind of way - with puffy eyes, hazy vision, and your fine lines more prominent than ever. This is your body speaking to you through your skin.

    Jean Eng, founder of Pure + Simple advises to not panic. It’s just your body communicating with you.

    1. Puffy eyes and dark circles are just your kidneys telling you that they are exhausted from the lack of sleep and/or excess alcohol consumption.

    2. Fine lines over your nose are caused by over indulging in carbs. Remember the food trucks and snacks?

    3. Foggy vision or a deepening line between your brows can be your liver crying out for help from greasy food and/or excess alcohol consumption. No surprises there.

    4. Breakouts on your forehead or formation of a sluggish colon usually happen due to lack of sleep + excess fast food consumption.

    Excesses and changes in your diet + sleep can distress your body. And those imbalances immediately show on your face. This also includes external factors, like the weather – Fall weather can affect us all differently. Your Doshas play a strong role in determining how your external environment affects you. What may be healing for one skin type or person may cause harm to another. So here are some personalized tips based on your Dosha to help you survive the long, fun TIFF nights, while looking your best:


    These sensitive souls don’t do well in the dry, cool, windy weather of fall.Look your best all night long by ensuring you keep skin hydrated with a nourishing serum and a rich cream before applying makeup. Keep your energy high by eating grounding foods such as red meat or root vegetables and getting as much sleep as possible. Prevent dehydration by avoiding or moderating your alcohol intake.


    The turbulent energy of autumn can leave these very logical and organized leaders vulnerable to feelings of anger + loss of control. Meditate to put things in perspective and create new order for changing times. Keep skin tone smooth and even by keeping it hydrated and avoiding skin irritation + redness. Avoid red meat and spicy food and moderate alcohol consumption to not over-you’re your sensitive liver.


    Cooler weather can slow down metabolism for these sturdier beauties, so eat light and avoid red meat, sweets + excessively moist foods to prevent acne, maintain good circulation, digestion + prevent constipation.

    Listening to our skin can help us get to know ourselves better and take a holistic approach to selfcare. Being mindful of that can help you enjoy the celebrations without dreading that hangover. And if you do end up hungover, it will help you better understand what your body has been trying to tell you.

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