• The Secret To Beautiful Eyes

    By Jean Eng

    Now that winter is here, our skin needs a little extra love. The cold air and dryness are the some of the greatest factors that increase stress on skin, depleting it of the moisture it so desperately needs. Did you know that a lot of the fine lines around your eyes can be due to dehydration? You’d be pleasantly surprised by how much you can decrease the appearance of them by simply adding a little extra moisture!

    But of course, beauty is not always skin deep. A lot of what’s going on inside your body can contribute to the lack of moisture that your skin is experiencing. If you’re looking to achieve beautiful eyes naturally, I advise to start from the inside before working your way out.

    First things first; make sure you keep your stress at a minimum: reduce the amount of changes in your life, make sure that you are getting a good night’s sleep, get into a consistent exercise routine, and make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. Not only will less stress decrease your chances of getting those pesky dark circles under the eyes, but it will also make you feel a lot better in the long run.

    Diet is another important factor. Remember, hydrating foods can be very sweet and moist, so treat yourself to delicious squash, avocado and sweet potato when you’re preparing meals during the winter months. These oil rich foods will be sure to give your inner body a moisture kick!

    When it comes to skincare, your eyes need to be on the prize… the health of the skin around them. Your eye products need to be non-irritating and have a lighter texture due to the fine, tender nature of the eye area.

    Choosing an eye cream is all about preference and goal. If your goal is to decrease the appearance of dark circles, go for an eye cream that will help to increase the flow of the blood below the eye area. If you are experiencing a lot of puffiness, be sure to choose an eye cream that will help to stimulate the stagnant lymph nodes.

    Some of our star products for eye care at Pure + simple serve as a phenomenal rescue for tired eyes during the winter months:

    Pure + simple Restoration Eye Mask – A cloth mask that increases firmness around the eye while also decreasing the appearance of dark circles.

    Pure + simple Collagen Elastin Eye + Lip Concentrate – A refreshing + potent anti-aging treatment that boosts the collagen production in the skin cells around the eye.

    Pure + simple Eye Brightening Cream – A hydrating cream that combats both puffiness and fine lines- a great product for anyone who is looking for a double duty boost!

    Holistic Vanity Bolstering Borage Eye Cream – A medium-weight cream that targets everything from puffiness to signs of aging. It’s a great cream for all skin concerns!

    And just because we LOVE our clients, all of our locations will be offering a special holiday Restoration Eye Treatment to all of our facial clients. This offer is starting next Monday December 15th and will only be valid for the holiday season as a complimentary add-on to facial treatments, so make sure to take advantage of this incredibly blissful treat! For more information, feel free to contact us or ask any of our staff!

    With a little extra self-love and a beautiful boost with our skincare, you’ll be sure to keep your eyes merry and bright… even after the holiday season!

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