• The 5 Reasons You Should Be Oil Bathing

    Daily bathing is more about cultural norms than about health and cleanliness. Dermatological research suggests that daily showering could do your skin more harm than good.

    Oil Bathing reduces your showering to alternate days. This not only is great for the environment as you reduce your clean water consumption but is absolute amazing for your skin health. And skin health is your road to beautiful smooth skin!

    1. Daily bathing can dry out and irritate skin

    a. Bathing removes your body's natural oils causing your skin to dry, crack and peel.

    b. Aging skin get drier because it naturally produces less oil

    c. Dehydrated skin is easily irritated and itchy

    2. Showering daily can result in skin conditions and allergies as it also washes away the good bacteria that body produces strengthens skin immunity

    a. Too much showering or bathing may eventually disturb the natural processes occurring in the skin.

    b. Disturbs skin flora and damage protective barrier allergens and irritants get into the skin

    c. Germs get in and you get skin infections, which can make you sick

    3. Daily Bathing reduces Vitamin D absorption and metabolism as it washes away naturally occurring cholesterol in the skin needed for processing Vitamin D

    4. Save time by reducing daily showering and shampooing . This gives you more time as well as less stress to your morning routine!

    5. Save on water (clean water) consumption and less soap into the water supply

    How to Start Oil Bathing

    1. Apply oil all over your body. You can use this on your face but if you prefer to use your favourite facial cleanser instead.

    2. Wipe the excess oil from skin with a clean cotton face cloth or hand towel. This is a great time to put some extra time and effort in the wiping to exfoliate skin.

    3. Give some extra attention to under arms and feet

    4. Use a natural baby wipe like Water Wipes for private areas. (https://www.waterwipes.com/) You can get them at Simply Green Baby (https://www.simplygreenbaby.com/).

    5. Apply a creamy natural deodorant like Here & Now All Natural Deodorant (https://www.hereandnowbotanicals.ca/collections/all/deodorant)

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