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    Meet the intrepid Annie Thompson, the creator/designer/visionary behind ANNIE THOMPSON ATELIER, located at 1 Wiltshire Ave, Studio 205. Annie designs and sells some of Toronto’s most innovative, comfortable, and sustainable clothing. We sat down with this Pure + Simple Beauty and spoke to her about her business, her passion, and her skin care!

    “I began my biz in ’81 – yes 1981!! – upon graduating from Ryerson University. I have had boutiques in Peterborough, On., ‘MMMMongo’ was my label in the early days…then ‘Annie T'; then at Queen’s Quay Terminal in Toronto; Queen St West for 10 yrs; and recently to my current studio/Atelier boutique in Toronto’s west end.”

    Being the type of person who likes to keep busy, Annie does one or two shows a year – most recently, she was at the Chicago One of a Kind Show. “My mission is to create the most excitingly unusual and functional, sustainable clothing and accessories for women around the globe – beginning with my diverse group of ‘followers’ here at home in Toronto.”

    People feel great in Annie’s clothes; not only comfortable, but empowered and happy. To paraphrase, they feel ‘at home’, ‘themselves’ – not someone ‘fashion’ tells them they should be. A Chicago client says, “Annie, when I put on your clothes, I could swear forgiveness was woven right into the fabric”.

    Not only creative, Annie follows the same ideology we do: sustainability. “We make all of our clothing and handbags here in Toronto and work with skilled pattern makers, cutters and sample makers. Our mandate is to create ‘fashion that is not fashion’, clothes that you will want to wear for years because you love it and it works in your life. Sustainable and up-cycled textiles create your ‘second home’ and there are very few cut from the same mold – just like you.” Annie sources her materials and makes her designs in Toronto and it’s this that drew her to Pure + Simple.

    “I have a friend that I stay with in Toronto and she got me to try some products. I immediately noticed how good it felt and how nice it smelled, but then I saw that it was made in Canada and I really liked that. As soon as I saw that it was made locally, sold!”

    According to Annie, her skin is a littler drier than she would like and boasting a beautiful 55years (as of January 23rd), she is starting to get a little more concerned with aging. “I love my face oil (Holistic Vanity Seabuckthorn Oil) and my cream (Just Pure Calendula Royal Jelly Facial Cream). I take them everywhere I can.” Annie’s philosophy behind beauty is one we’ve all heard, but is so often the hardest to achieve. “I think people are more beautiful when they’re comfortable in their own skin. Remain true to yourself…your personal self.” After a very brief talk with Annie, there is no doubt she’s keeping true to her philosophy.

    Next weekend, January 23rd-January 26th, 2014, Annie Thompson Atelier will have a birthday bash sale to celebrate Annie’s birthday. Discounts range from 20% to 70% and also, 2 for 1!!! It doesn’t get better than that.

    For more information on Annie or her upcoming event, you can visit her website or find her facebook page.

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