• Sustainable Beauty: Tips From An Original Pure + Simple Beauty

    Tips From An Original Pure + simple Beauty – Jean Eng

    A healthy environment long-term is integral to personal health and beauty. Because everything is connected, helping the environment is the same as helping ourselves. Since 2000, Pure + simple has been known for our natural solutions to skincare concerns, whether it be sensitivity, breakouts, or wrinkles. We provide safe and cost-effective skincare fixes with all-natural and organic products for our clients.

    So what does a skincare company or even its founders know about sustainability?

    Since our inception, we strive to be sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Over the years we have made steps to minimize our ecological footprint, from refining our bottle recycling program, using innovative and eco-friendly packaging, to encouraging our clients to celebrate Earth Day with us. As a business we believe in not only giving back to our environment, but to our clients as well.

    Pure + simple is founded on the principles of Ayurveda, a holistic modality originally from Eastern India. According to Ayurveda, we are all holistic beings; we are affected by our environment and surroundings and we should strive to live in harmony in order to live the best life we can.

    So let’s slow down and take time to reflect: what do we really want from life? Instead of striving for “more” we should go for “better.” Be aware when “discontent” sublimates into “shopping.” Perhaps being more aware of the environment and feeling less attached to material goods is the key to leading a more fulfilling and beautiful life.

    Here are some ways to better yours – and the environment’s – life by reducing your carbon footprint:

    For the necessities in life such as furnishings and personal care go for the most natural and/or organic materials possible to lessen environmental contaminants. Choose products that are packaged in recycled, recyclable, or reusable containers. Adria Vasil’s Ecoholic Body and Ecoholic Home are great references to help you consume sustainably. See my review of Ecoholic Beauty here.
    Walk, cycle, or take public transit to increase physical fitness while lowering your personal CO2 emissions. You can save the money that would have been spent at the gym and create more meaning and interest in your exercise.
    Eating locally can greatly reduce your carbon footprint with increasing your day to day health George Ohsawa, the founder of the Macrobiotic diet, advocated the importance of eating naturally and locally grown foods to promote personal health and even happiness. Click here for more information.
    Finally – stop cluttering your life with the spoils of so-called successful bargain hunting trips and contribute to good Fengshui. Fengshui is the art of placement or decorating your home to improve your prosperity and health in life. A big payoff to having fewer possessions is the ease of home maintenance. For more on Fengshui tips, click here.

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