• Summer Skincare Tips For Fresh, Flawless Skin

    Summer has arrived! While we’re all excited for warmer weather and fun in the sun, common skin ailments such as back + facial acne, breakouts, and dehydration can really dampen the mood. Not to worry – here is a handy guide written by Pure + simple’s co-founder Jean Eng to help you welcome summer with a fresh face!

    "Summer is dominated by Pitta’s hot and stimulating energy. For some of us, that means breakouts. Since heat stimulates circulation, if your circulatory system has been dormant over the winter, you can suffer unexpected and unexplained blemishes now. Ugh! Dehydrated skin types are also more prone to breakouts, as parched skin is an indication of a weakened immune system that is more susceptible to unwanted skin concerns and infections.

    Luckily, these unwanted skin conditions do not require harsh treatments and can be improved by using effective and nourishing natural skincare products.
    Here are my skin-loving tips for summer:

    For head to toe flawlessness don’t stop at the skin. Cool and balance your Pitta with a cooling summer diet. This means eating more raw foods and water-rich fruits and vegetables. Sweet fruits like watermelon and papaya are perfect coolers for your body especially after a hot workout. Also, try to avoid warming foods, acidic foods, and red meat.

    As always, it goes without saying, remember to apply your SPF everyday before stepping out. This is your best defense!”

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