• Summer Sins That Show On Your Skin

    Sometimes our summer fun gets away from us a little – it’s easy to go overboard when the sun is shining and you’re having a good time! Still, sometimes our skin is all too quick to let us know enough is enough in the form of summer breakouts or skin irritations. Not to worry though – identifying the source of the problem will help us treat the symptoms, and get our skin clear and happy once more!


    1. Sun Overexposure
    You knew this one was coming! Come summertime, SPF should be your BFF. Sun damage now can affect your skin way down the line, so your best bet for keeping skin healthy and radiant is by taking preventative measures. Check out our SPF Blog to make sure you know what’s what. And if you do get burnt, make sure you have the right products to minimize the damage – and the pain! Our Calming Cucumber Mask is a summertime lifesaver.

    2. Alcohol Consumption
    While the occasional after-work cocktail with friends is nice, the key is moderation. Alcohol speeds up dehydration in the body by decreasing the production of anti-diuretic hormones, causing you to lose more fluid than usual. This in turn affects skin’s plumpness and vibrancy, as well as its ability to function and protect itself. Hydrating serums can help compensate!

    3. Regime Adjustments
    Our skin changes with the seasons, meaning our skincare regimes need to change too. Oils naturally conduct heat, so having any excess oil on the surface of the skin can cause temperatures to skyrocket! Heat, in turn, can cause inflammation, which is why summer breakouts are often so red and angry. Oils like our Comforting Camellia Oil are light and designed to be anti-inflammatory, ensuring that your skin is getting its oil without losing its cool.


    Are you guilty of any of these summertime sins? Don’t beat yourself up about it - we’ll be happy to help you set your sins to rights!

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