• Snapping Back From Sun Damage

    Direct sun exposure is probably the most obvious cause of chronic redness. Sensitive skin types have high Pitta and react to external and internal stimulation with redness or dilated capillaries. This is not just an annoying skin problem, but can lead to hyperpigmentation and dry, dehydrated, aged skin.

    Redness and Rosacea is caused by impaired vascular function and in most common cases, is primarily characterized by dilated capillaries in the skin. Beautiful skin depends on a good circulatory system to bring nourishment to the skin cells. So, when our capillaries are dilated, it leads to lack of nourishment and as a result prevents toxins from being flushed out.

    One of the best ways to be preventative and have beautiful skin is to improve your vascular function.

    As skin specialists, we at Pure+simple look for the best solution for healthy beautiful skin, naturally. This approach involves a skincare routine with nourishing, natural products - free of chemicals that are dangerous for one’s general health. But when life throws a little something extra - harsh external conditions like heat and humidity, or certain stressful situations involving our lifestyle, diet or skincare – your skin might need extra attention.

    Light treatments are the best non-surgical solutions for dramatic improvements to the appearance of your skin. They penetrate your skin’s surface and fix the root of the problem, giving you quick and precise results. The treatment is best when done after a facial. The client lays relaxed while the intense violet light bathes the area to be treated.

    For the ones faint of heart, the gentle non-aggressive, LED Light treatment is best. IPL has experienced rapid advancement and popularity in recent years. Pure + Simple has recently updated our units to the latest and most advanced technology. What makes this treatment so successful and popular is its numerous, incomparable benefits.

    In addition to being safe, reliable, and comfortable, it is quick and results can be seen after three to six sessions. It is non-invasive, with every session taking up to only 25 minutes with no down time. The treatment involves targeting the light to the dilated capillary, which then coagulates the blood vessel. The light breaks the pigmented lesion into tiny particles, making it disappear or rise to the surface of your skin as scabs. This leads to complete elimination of lesions, restoring a fresh and clear skin texture.

    Moreover, it is suitable for all skin-types and all age groups with no side-effects and minimum pain (like I said, only the snap of an elastic band), making it the perfect treatment! Thousands of clients use it to treat various skin issues and with the festive season right around the corner, this might be just what your skin needs!

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