• Skin School Series: Hydration


    Fall weather can cause an imbalance in many of us and bring some unwelcome skin issues. 

    That’s why hydration is one of our best tools for achieving glowing skin during autumn. The problem is sometimes we get tricked into thinking our skin doesn’t need it because it’s “oily” or “combination.” We’d like to smash this myth and remind all skin types that hydration is your biggest ally and weapon for healthy + naturally glowing skin. And further, hydration does double duty as it is great at fighting wrinkles and signs of aging.

    Here’s how dryness affects each dosha:
    For Vatas: Dryness will create dull skin and fine lines 
    For Pittas + Kaphas: Dryness can cause acne issues. Pittas will experience acne in the T-Zone, and Kaphas along the jaw line. 


    If you haven’t yet taken the quiz to find out which dosha you are, you can do so here.





    How Vatas can protect against dehydration:

    Vata's energy is mainly of air and ether and they are more prone to dryness than any of the other doshas. Here are some ways Vatas can keep their glow:

    The skincare they need are rich in nutrients, oils, and hydration-potent serums. Even cleansers need to be rich, like a cream cleanser, for example, to prevent the skin's oil being stripped.


    1. Holistic Vanity Calming Aloe Kumari Cleanser
    2. Martina Gebhart Happy Aging 
    3. Pure + Simple Collagen + Elastin Plus
    4. Holistic Vanity Restorative Raw Argan Oil


    Diet: Try to eat cooked, moist foods packed with nutrients. Also grounding carbs like squash, and other sweet root vegetables that can be put into soups and stews. Warming (peppers, sour) and cooked foods.
    Stay away from stimulating foods like caffeine, and dry foods like popcorn. 

    Lifestyle: Try to meditate, stay warm, and take time for yourself.






    How Pittas can protect themselves in autumn:
    Pitta’s energy is made up of water and fire, so during this season they need to stay hydrated to prevent sensitive, red skin and acne coming up.

    They will need gentle cleansers that don’t strip all the oil, non-irritating serums, hydrating face oils, and protective moisturizers.

    1. Pure + Simple Sensitive Face Wash 
    2. Pure + Simple Hydration Serum 
    3. Holistic Vanity Comforting Camellia Oil
    4. Martina Gebhardt Aloe Vera Cream

    At this time it is great for Pittas to eat hydrating foods, and low fat meals.  Root vegetables, as well as lightly steamed vegetables, and sweet fruits. Be sure to stay away from spicy, acidic foods, and oily foods..

    Lifestyle: Try to release any jealousy, and competitiveness. Work to calm the mind.





    This is actually one of the best seasons for Kaphas. They thrive in the cool, dry climate as their skin is naturally moist.

    Best products for Kaphas during this season will be hydrating and protective to keep the skin from being overly oily and acneic while enlarging pores.

    Diet: Best foods for Kaphas are cooked foods, lean meats, dry foods, legumes, above-ground vegetables, and northern fruits (berries, apples). Can be more lenient with incorporating fatty foods at this time of year. Avoid sweet and cold foods.  

    Lifestyle:  Change things up a bit by not being slave to routine.  Get rid of what is obstructing your ability to grow. Try swimming, long distance running, etc.



    Thanks for tuning in to our second lesson! Stay tuned for our Facebook Live this month, to be announced in the coming days.

    the Pure + Simple Team


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