• Skin School Series: Acne 101

    The first lesson in our Back To Skin School Series is on acne. We will be exploring the different types of acne and how they relate to our ayurvedic makeup (known as our dosha composition).

    This month we will discuss:

    • The root cause of the acne you’re experiencing
    • What skincare products you can use to treat it
    • Dietary recommendations
    • Lifestyle recommendations







    If you haven’t yet taken the quiz to find out which dosha you are, you can do so here.


    This acne is prompted by skin dehydration rather than oil and bacteria, it typically shows up as black heads or white heads. This happens when our skin’s sebum (oil) dries out and clogs pores.


    Root causes:

    • Dehydration
    • Cold weather
    • Rushed, frenetic lifestyle
    • Excess stress
    • Skincare not hydrating or rich enough
    • Diet too dry (popcorn, for example) or cold (salad)

    Dietary Changes
    Consume a lot of fruits and veggies, as well a healthy fat (like avocado).

    Lifestyle Changes
    Lower stress by creating some routines and stabilizing life, and making relaxing a priority. Ensure to get lots of sleep (at least 8 hours).

    Exercise Recommendations
    Calm exercise that engages the mind and spirit and connection (for example, yoga, tai chi, dance).

    Skincare Recommendations
    1. Hydrate the skin, applying water-rich serums that increase moisture.

    Product Recommendation
    Ages 20-35 Pure + Simple Hydration Serum
    Age 35+ Pure + Simple Collagen Plus

    2. Add a rich moisturizer to help lock water in, keeping skin moist and sebum fluid.

    Product Recommendation
    Ages 20-35 Pure + Simple Beautiful Skin Face Cream
    Age 35+ Just Pure Calendula Royal Gelee





     When pitta has excess heat in the body, it results in red, angry blemishes, most often with pustular heads.

    Root causes:

    • Excess mental stress, competition, perfectionism, judgmental
    • Feeling a lack of control or organization, too much chaos
    • Internal heat - hot weather
    • Spicy food
    • Heating food - oils, meat, salt, acid
    • Irritating aggressive skincare
    • Dehydration, inflammation

    Dietary Changes

    Avoid spicy, sour and oily foods eating a heating diet. Some
    culprits are hot spices, deep-fried food, and excess salt. Natural vegetarian. Instead try cooling foods like mint, dairy, tropical fruits, melons, cucumber, and celery.

    Lifestyle Changes
    Try curbing any anger you are experiencing through meditation and keeping your daily routine consistent.

    Exercise Recommendations
    Non-competitive options are best, for example yoga and tai chi.

    Skincare Recommendations
    Calming skincare containing aloe, rose water and neem are therapeutic for this type.

    Product Recommendation
    Holistic Vanity Acne Care line





    This acne type is wet, large and deep. Imbalance of this dosha leads to excessive sebum-production along with cystic, fluid-filled pimples, which are painful and slow to heal.


    Root causes:

    • Cold wet weather
    • Instability
    • Feeling of Insecurity
    • Over dependency
    • Depression, in a rut

    Dietary Changes
    Avoid dairy, red meat, tropical fruits, melons, bananas, overly sweet foods, and oily foods.

    Lifestyle Changes
    Get rid of what is obstructing your ability to grow. Keep a good sense of routine, eat around the same time everyday. Try to wake up early and go a run to jump start your day. Need no more than 8 hours of sleep.

    Exercise Recommendations
    Swimming, long-distance walking, trampolining and a gentle jog are good options or aerobic, high impact sports.

    Skincare Recommendations

    1. Cleansers to eliminate oil.
        Product Recommendation: P + S Pure Skin

    2. Antimicrobial toners that don't strip the skin.
        Product Recommendation: P + S Witchhazel

    3. Light, hydrating, low oil, stimulating
        Product Recommendation: Aquafolia Triple Action Line



    Thanks for tuning in to our first lesson! We hope to see you at our Facebook Live on Thursday, September 26 where we’ll discuss skincare in relation to the doshas even further.

    the Pure + Simple Team


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