• Skin Rejuvenation For All Ages: Part 2

    By Jean Eng

    [This is part 2 of a 3-part series. Missed part 1? Click here!]

    One of my go-to tips for clients who are looking for skin rejuvenation is to exfoliate. By removing the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, complexions appear fresher with an extra boost. But, more importantly, it stimulates blood circulation, resulting in increased hydration and revealing a beautiful glow. All skin types and ages can revitalize their skin through exfoliation but the methods will vary depending on the individual. Keep reading for an extensive guide to all-natural exfoliating treatments, sorted by the depth of the exfoliation.

    1. At-Home Manual Exfoliation

    This method is suitable for all skin types and ages and can deliver good results if done regularly. Manual exfoliators are those that have a granular element to physically slough off dead skin. Natural versions of these products use jojoba beads, olive kernels, ground grains and powders.

    Generally, exfoliation should be done daily at night to achieve the best rejuvenating results.
    For sensitive skin types, exfoliation every other day to weekly is best.
    Drier, more mature skin may need a more aggressive method.
    2. Aquabrasion

    For those with dehydrated, inflamed, and/or sensitive skin, Aquabrasion treatments are beneficial and effective ways to rejuvenate skin. The Aquabrasion facials are cooling treatments as they use a jet of cold saline water to slough off dead skin as opposed to traditional methods such as microdermabrasion. This is a preferred option for those who would like a deeper exfoliation but are too sensitive for microdermabrasion treatments.

    For optimal improvement to the appearance of skin, biweekly treatments are recommended.
    For best results, a series of 3-5 facials is ideal for those with minimal signs of skin aging and a series of 5-10 is suggested for more mature skin.
    Click here for more details on the Aquabrasion treatments.
    3. Sea Salt Microdermabrasion

    Recommended for almost all skin types and ages is our Salt Microdermabrasion Facials. Pure + simple uses sea salt to exfoliate the skin as opposed to traditional aluminum crystals or diamond tip. I prefer using sea salt as it purifies the skin and helps it stay more hydrated after the treatment.

    This produces excellent results for dry, mature skin types.
    An annual series of treatments is an effective way to maintain a youthful glow.
    Treatment intervals depend on the client’s skin and the results she is looking for. Generally, the intervals are biweekly to monthly.
    Treatment frequency will increase with age and depends on the client’s expectations.
    Stay tuned for more information about the Sea Salt Microdermabrasion in an upcoming blog post.
    4. Chemical Exfoliation:

    Unlike manual exfoliators, chemical peels do not have a scrubbing element to them and are merely applied and absorbed into the skin. This type of exfoliation is excellent for mature skin because it can get deeper into the skin layers. Because they are such deep exfoliators, I do not recommend AHA peels for sensitive skin types as you cannot control the depth of the exfoliation and it can be too stimulating for some.

    Enzyme Peels: This is a good gentle option for those who find manual exfoliation too irritating. It:

    Is excellent for all skin types, especially sensitive or inflamed skin.
    Can deliver good results over time if used nightly or, for sensitive skin types, every other evening.
    Has been known to be as effective for skin rejuvenation as AHA peels without the risk of inflammation.
    AHA Peels: This is another type of chemical exfoliation. It is stronger than enzyme peels and is a good at-home treatment for skin rejuvenation. The spa versions are more aggressive and are best done with the watchful eye of your esthetician.

    For great skin rejuvenating results, peel skin nightly or twice a week depending on skin type and follow with a gentle but nourishing serum + cream.
    AHA peels are recommended for those who want a budget-minded way to refresh their skin.
    This is the best method for those who do not have time to get a series of treatments.
    The more aggressive spa treatments are recommended for those with hardy skin with need for deeper exfoliation.
    Later this week, I will be wrapping up this series with tips to rejuvenate mature and maturing skin – stay tuned! To catch up on part 1 of the series, click here.

    Have any questions about exfoliation? Leave us a comment!

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