• Skin Rejuvenation For All Ages: Part 1

    By Jean Eng

    As I mentioned in my previous post, the signs of aging are not always indicative of age; instead, external and internal factors can contribute to visibly premature skin. So what are your options if you want to get noticeable improvement on your skin no matter what stage in life you’re in?

    Whether your skin is looking worse for wear because of your age or because of neglect, there are many safe and easy options that can buy you a bit of forgiveness. In this three-part series, I will be detailing the variety of Pure + simple ways to keep your skin rejuvenated at all stages of aging. This part will focus on treatments that are suitable for all ages, but especially for those who are acting proactively to prevent premature aging.

    Create a Skincare Routine Paired with Natural Facial Treatments

    A good skincare routine is the backbone of maintaining beautiful skin, naturally. For twenty and thirty-somethings, it’s a helpful preventative step, but for those who are over forty, a customized regime paired with regular facials will help keep maturing skin at its best. Of course, I always suggest choosing natural and organic products and services for the best results for your skin and health.

    To learn how to choose the best skincare routine for you, click here.

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    Soak up the LED Light Treatments

    The LED (short for Light-Emitting Diode) light treatment is recommended for people who want to build the health of their skin to give it a rejuvenated look. It emits different colours to target different skin conditions, including acne, skin sensitivity, and aging. Younger skin types will likely use a combination of colours but when it comes to anti-aging and skin revitalization, the red light is the most effective.

    So how does the LED light treatment work? In terms of anti-aging, the red light is preferred because its wave length can penetrate skin cells to strengthen the skin’s protective function and improve the skin’s ability to heal + generate new collagen. This is an important benefit because our skin’s collagen production can be weaker or slower as we age due to cumulative damage. The red light can also reduce skin redness which can become chronic if left untreated. The advantage of the LED light treatment is that it is very gentle and therefore able to reduce the signs of aging even on the most delicate skin, such as the area around our eyes.

    The LED light treatment can be performed on its own or as an excellent addition to an IPL Photo Facial or Salt Microdermabrasion Facial to lessen redness and increase the facial’s effectiveness. As the service produces cumulative effects, it is best done in a series of treatments. For those with light signs of aging, 7 weekly treatments will deliver good results; for advanced aging, the service is most effective if done twice a week for 7 weeks.

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    Plus, stay tuned for an in-depth guide to exfoliation for all skin types and ages in part two of this three-part skin rejuvenation series!

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