• Your Winter Skincare Essentials

    By Pure + Simple Founder Jean Eng

    Winter can be really hard to navigate sometimes. Forget the traffic and the perils of driving, sometimes it feels like our very own bodies are fighting us. This is because, in Ayurvedic terms, winter is predominantly governed by Kapha energy. This cold, heavy energy slows down our metabolism, leading to paler, more dehydrated skin that can become thicker and have a tendency to hold more toxins.

    Of course, not all skin types suffer equally. Those that are prone to dry skin will find some relief in the relatively damp Kapha weather and will just need to have a diet and lifestyle that keeps them warm, while those with thicker and oilier skin will need to follow a Kapha diet. The Kapha diet favours light, dry foods like toast, seeds, and seaweed as opposed to oily and heavy foods. Most foods should be cooked, or at least warm. Cold, sweet foods like dairy and refined carbohydrates should be avoided to avoid a buildup of mucous (Kapha).

    In terms of skincare, Vatas (those with delicate and dry skin) should make sure a serum and a rich cream is incorporated into their daily routine to fully protect their complexion from the environment. A great combination would be the Minimalist Face Lift Serum Plus and the Just Pure Calendula Royal Jelly Facial Cream. This is also a great time to do anti-aging skin rejuvenating treatments like the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment since the sun isn’t so harsh during this time.

    Pittas (sensitive and rosacea-prone types) should make sure a serum and a light cream is a part of their regime. The Hydration Serum and Skin Softening Moisture Lotion would be ideal. Additionally, they should use a cream-based manual exfoliant such as the Sensitive Skin Exfoliant and Mask once or twice a week to gently stimulate circulation. This stimulation is a crucial step in preventing chronic redness. Professional treatments can also be effective in reducing skin redness and rosacea flare-ups. Depending on the severity of the skin’s redness, these treatments can range from water exfoliation to IPL in order to cauterize capillaries.

    For Kaphas (those with thick, oily complexions) it is important to stimulate skin daily with an exfoliant such as the Skin Nourishing Exfoliant and Mask, to keep it looking fresh and hydrated. For most people, looking pale from dehydration is the worst of their problems. But neglecting to keep skin stimulated and hydrated in the winter shows up in the spring when the accumulation of toxins and congested circulation causes skin ailments such as breakouts, cystic acne, puffiness, and rosacea flare-ups.

    So what are the general rules to ameliorate all of this?

    • Eat light, warm foods such as cooked white meat, fish, seeds, and above-ground vegetables.
    • Avoid heavy, fatty foods like burgers, sausages, and nuts.
    • Avoid sweet, cold foods like dairy and refined carbohydrates.
    • Use a gentle manual exfoliant regularly and in accordance to your skin type.
    • Protect skin from the cold with a light cream for oilier skin types and a rich cream for drier skin types.
    • Use a non-oily serum to keep skin hydrated.
    • Detox with hot yoga or the sauna regularly.
    • Take advantage of the season to do sun-sensitive treatments such as IPL.

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