• How To Take Care Of Dry, Scaly Body Skin

    By Pure + Simple Cofounder Jean Eng

    When you hear the name Pure + simple, chances are you start thinking of facials and skin care products made for your face. But did you know that Pure + simple is also well-versed in caring for the rest of your skin?!

    For the most part, the skin on your face and that of your body are similar in structure. In truth, the one major difference is that facial skin tends to be much thinner (with exception of skin on the chest and neck) and is more susceptible to irritants and environmental damage. Of course, the face is the impression we first give and the last we leave…so, as a society, we tend to focus on the health and maintenance of this. With that said, it’s important to note that the skin on the body can be in need of some serious TLC. Let’s take a look at some common ailments and complaints regarding they body’s skin and discuss some very simple solutions.

    Back Acne

    Back Acne, or “bacne” as it’s commonly referred to, is a mild to severe breakout on the back and is usually brought on by unremoved sweat and dirt. Unfortunately, this condition is aggravated by body heat and further sweat, which can mean that flare-ups generally occur when the body is overheated and in the summer months.

    Solution – Pack an anti-bacterial floral water mist and spritz your body as needed. Be sure to use a pure hydrosol (plant water) that does not contain alcohol as alcohol can lead to further dehydration and irritation.

    Bumpy Arms

    Bumpy Arms, or “Chicken Skin”, is technically known as “Keratosis Pilaris” and manifests as red bumps on the upper arms. This condition is aggravated by dryness and irritation of the hair follicles.

    Solution – Nourish and soothe the skin by applying oil-rich creams religiously! Heavy moisturizers containing calming ingredients like camellia oil, chamomile, and aloe vera will help soothe the skin and soften brittle hair follicles.

    Scaly Patches

    Canadian winters are an absolute nightmare on our skin. At this particular time of year it’s not uncommon for dry patches to show up on our shins and forearms and, if dehydrated enough, take on a snake-like appearance.

    Solution – Simple moisturizing is just not enough. In this case, rehydration must be done in combination with intense exfoliation, and the best way to do this is by daily dry brushing. Use your dry brush in circular motions that move towards the heart before your morning shower. Not only will this remove dead skin cells but it will also increase blood flow while preventing water-retention. As an added bonus, this reduces the appearance of cellulite!

    Ingrown Hairs

    It’s unfortunate that having ingrown hairs can lead to red pustules (most embarrassing if it occurs in your intimate areas). Usually caused by dead skin buildup, ingrown hairs appear when our hair follicles are blocked and covered, forcing hair to grow inwards. This can also lead to inflammation, infection, and sometimes, pain!

    Solution – Meticulous moisturizing prevents dead skin accumulation which allows strands to grow straight. Apply an oil or lotion to any ingrown-prone areas both morning and night for smooth and clear skin. Use a petrolatum-free product as petro-ingredients (often labelled as “mineral oil”) have been found to be pore clogging, common irritants, and possible carcinogens.

    Stretch Marks

    While stretch marks can be more difficult to treat than other skin problems, even these can be diminished by the right skin repair strategy. The key is in understanding the different types of stretch marks. Smooth, red marks are young scars, meaning they have not fully set. This makes red stretch marks easier to heal than their silver-colored counterparts. Silvery, white and textured stretch marks indicate that our skin tissue has been deeply damaged and must be treated from our skin’s dermis layer.

    Solution – Repair red stretch marks by using rosehip oil. This oil is excellent for wound-repair and discolouration as it contains a high-concentration of vitamin C and essential fatty acids. Silver indented streaks require a more intensive approach. It’s suggested that you look into laser or endermologie to treat this type of mark as these services treat uneven texture and encourage tissue regeneration by increasing collagen production.

    Of course, the key to any skincare regime, be it on your face or your body, is in diligence. Keeping up a regular routine is your best line of defence. For further information, you can contact us at any one of our locations or refer to the Pure + simple website.

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