• Resolute About Resolutions

    You’ve got ‘em. I’ve got ‘em. Nobody wants them, but there they are. Resolutions. Ugh. The ‘R word’ nobody actually wants to say. But why do we hate them so much? Is it because they feel like a proverbial Sword ever-looming over our heads should we fail? Perhaps it’s the perception that we aren’t good enough the way we are, so something must change. Or maybe it’s simply become a tradition to set a goal and spend the rest of the year denying ourselves some little joy with the idea that we’re bettering our lives in some way.

    I’m not really a believer in the idea of setting a ‘resolution’. I’ve had my fair share of them…how many times have I promised myself that THIS will be the year I finally get my six-pack?! Or, that I will cut-down on the spending so I can try to save a little. Over the last year, I’ve come to realize something about myself: I like me! I do. I actually like the person I’ve grown into. Faults and all. Is there room for improvement?! Sure. Am I going to set some silly ‘resolution’ to turn myself into an idealized version of who I should be?! Not bloody likely.

    Look, I’m a pretty balanced person. I get up to workout regularly and I’m in good shape; I eat well and practice healthy living; I take good care of my skin; I call my mother weekly and get along with my family; I quit smoking; I only drink on special occasions; and I keep as honest and sincere as I can (sometimes a little too honest if you know what I mean). Are there areas that could use work? Sure! So I indulge when someone brings chocolate into the office; I get emotional when I feel I’m treated unjustly (or when I’m denied chocolate); I can be abrupt when confronted with a difficult personality or situation (which sends me straight to the chocolate) . . . but that’s what it comes down to. Balance! Without it, how could I possibly keep sane?!

    Keeping your life balanced is very much like skincare. Sometimes your life will be smooth and seamless with no bumps or blemishes blocking your way. The cogs are in place and everything is well lubricated and moving along smoothly. And then at other times you encounter a massive zit right in the middle of your forehead . . . be it temptation, or a difficult person, a bad situation . . . whatever it is. The trick is to deal with the issue without picking at it endlessly and move on. To me, that’s what a resolution is: picking at a problem and exacerbating the issue; turning it from a small blemish into a scar that’s now highly visible and on display for everyone to see. So if you want to lose weight, or stop spending, or drink less, my advice is to go slow, plan ahead and make it a part of your everyday life. Don’t pick at the issue and make it the prime focus on an otherwise clear complexion.

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