• Pure + Simple's New Year Reflections

    By Jean Eng

    2015 means 15 years in business for Pure + simple. And in those 15 years we have been so busy evolving we have not always taken time to reflect.

    This year, serendipity brought us many opportunities to pause and think. A group of MBA students from the Schulich School of Management with career backgrounds in banking, marketing, operations, and organic farming chose us to be their major project this year. They have just put out a survey to find out more about you and what you think about us, and we cannot wait to improve with the research they gather.

    The environment around us has changed greatly since we first opened our doors. In fifteen years we have survived 2 financial crises – a tech bubble in 2000 and a major financial crisis in 2008. A month before our first year anniversary 9/11 happened. Through all this we just kept busy doing what we do best, and you rewarded us with steady growth despite the times. We thank you whole-heartedly for your support and love.

    Our staff has changed from being merely highly skilled estheticians who understood natural skincare to skincare professionals who are passionate about holistic health and understanding their clients, recognizing that there is no “one size fits all” approach to skincare and opting to provide more than just product recommendations.

    You have changed. You are still concerned about natural products and the environment, but now you want products and services that treat you as a unique entity where your beauty, your health, and your environment are all connected in one beautiful cosmos.

    So what can you look forward to in 2015 from Pure + simple in this world that is constantly changing?

    We will continue to provide you with high-quality, all-natural product options, but now we will also be designing them for your lifestyle as much as your skin. A great example is our new lip serum made with natural hydrating ingredients like Seaweed, Collagen, + Omega Oil extracts. Its versatile nature means that it can easily transition your look from night to day. It is perfect for keeping your lips smooth and hydrated before applying lipstick, but it can also be worn alone as it has a natural rosy tint for a more natural look.
    Our services are still all about beautiful skin and relaxing experiences, but we have been adding anti-aging technologies to our menu. As a company, we choose to focus on what we gain as we age instead of what we lose when we look for treatments that help our clients maintain what makes them uniquely beautiful. Stay tuned for more service innovations from us!
    Our skincare advice will be based on you. We will be making more time to share customized education and information to help you customize your daily routine in response to the fluctuations of the weather and your daily activities.
    Additionally, we are making a big change in our commitment to the environment. This has always been important to us. It has been common practice in our personal lives to be conserving, but we have also extended it into our professional lives with operating procedures that are environmentally friendly. We are small, but our unconventional ways took us to increasing our favourite “R” by reusing more, from our returnable bottle program to replacing consumables.

    This year, we will become more active in climate change associations because we believe it is an urgent and eminent issue that deserves our full attention. I am now a director of Toronto350.org and am working on special events with Environmental Defense Canada. Already, Pure + simple staff have volunteered to help make these events successful.

    Thank you for your many years of continued support. Though times are changing, we are optimistic and we can’t wait to see what 2015 brings. Here’s to a healthy year full of new opportunities and health. Happy New Year, Pure + simple beauties!

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