• Pure + Simple Sponsors The 18th Annual Environmental Film Festival

    Pure + Simple is proud to be presenting sponsor of the 18th Annual Environmental Film Festival organized by Planet in Focus. The Festival went on from October 19-22 and consisted of a lineup of films + events confronting the most pressing environmental issues of our time. These films not only outlined the problems, they inspired us with grassroots solutions that are emerging from communities across the globe. This was a festival of hope, change and resistance, and P+S is proud to be a part of it.

    Planet in Focus shed light on some great work of environmental activism by honoring our Canadian and International Eco-Heroes. The audience got to engage in panel discussions with filmmakers, activists and academics. Here's a brief rundown of the events.


    It was an honour to meet + hear Dr. Roberta Bondar speak wise words about the power of image-making to inspire a love for the planet and prompt change. She is one of the recipients of the Eco Hero Award 2017.


    Think environmental films can't have a happy ending? THINK AGAIN! The world premiere of UNFRACTURED, a documentary by Chanda Chevannes opened the Film Festival. This was followed by a Q&A session with Chanda, activist Sandra Steingraber, and ED of Green Peace Canada Joanna Kerr. The night wrapped up with an after-party at the Revival Bar.

    It was an honour to have Chanda at Pure + Simple for a facial to prep her for the big night!

    The Film Festival then took over Toronto with screenings of great films. From food waste to the industrialization of agriculture to how far our food travels to get to us, our current food system is having detrimental effects on the planet - the lineup of films this year was remarkable. The films tackled these issues head on, outlining the problems and more importantly, mapping out sustainable solutions.


    The Green Film Network brings together the major film festivals that take place annually around the globe that focus on environmental issues. The network objective is to coordinate the events of the associated festivals, promote environmental films worldwide and encourage initiatives and projects that might help people ponder about the environment. It was an honor to be sponsoring this initiative.

    Pure + Simple co-founder Jean Eng with Jonah Bryson, this year's recipient of the #PiF2017 inaugural Rob Stewart Youth Eco-Hero Award. Bryson received this award for his amazing work


    The festival wrapped up with a celebration of our award-winning films and two very special Eco-Heroes Jonah Bryson and Ron Finley of the Ron Finley Project. Chanda's Unfractured won the Best Canadian Feature.

    We are extremely proud to be a part of this initiative. It was an honour to be among such inspiring company and see all the amazing work being done in support of environmental activism.

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