• Pure Beauty Must-Haves

    Hello September. 

    The beginning of September means going back to school, back to routine, a shift in the weather, and the annual Pure + Simple Pure Beauty sale! This weekend long sale originated over 20 years ago, as a way to celebrate Pure + Simple’s beginning, and has since evolved into an event that natural skincare enthusiasts mark on their calendars each year.

    With this exciting event coming up this month, we asked our top estheticians to share their must-have products to pick up during the Pure Beauty Sale! 

    Everyday Favourites: 

    1. Holistic Vanity Triple HLA - NEW
      Holistic Vanity Triple Hyaluronic

    Experience the power of hydration like never before with our brand-new hyaluronic serum! Crafted with three distinct molecular weight forms, this serum provides multi-layer skin hydration, leaving your skin plump, radiant + revitalized. Embrace the beauty of organic + vegan skincare with this waterless wonder.

    1. Collagen Plus:


    1. Pure + Simple Collagen Elastin Plus

    Unlock the secret to youthful skin with our #1 selling product. Carefully curated with marine-based collagen + elastin, this lightweight serum is your go-to solution for diminishing fine-lines + revealing a firmer appearance. Enjoy smoother + revitalized skin in every drop!

    1. Face Lift serum:
    1. Pure + Simple Face Lift Serum Plus

    Elevate your skincare routine with this serum, your ultimate partner in fortifying + firming. The Face Lift Serum, designed for rejuvenation, is your secret weapon for achieving a revitalized + radiant appearance.

    Something for the Cold: 

    With the colder months fast approaching, give your skin the hydration it needs with a heavier + protective facial oil. 

    1. Pure + Simple S Pure Skin Face Oil:
      Pure + Simple Pure Skin Face Oil

    Clear + healthy looking skin is just a click away! Crafted with an Ayurvedic touch, this oil is your answer to acne-prone or hyper-oily skin. Regulate sebum production + embrace a balanced complexion with the  power of this oil.

    1. Holistic Vanity Camellia Rehab Oil:
      Holistic Vanity Camellia Rehab Oil

    Soothe your skin + conquer redness with this ultimate anti-inflammatory companion! Specially designed for rosacea + redness, this oil offers the gentle care your skin deserves, leaving you with a calm complexion you'll love.

    1. Pure + Simple Rosehip:
      Pure + Simple Organic Rosehip Face Oil

    Looking for a brighter, more even skin-tone? Look no further! Perfect for targeting pigmentation concerns, this oil is delicately scented + formulated to help you achieve a luminous complexion.

    Don’t miss out on our Pure Beauty sale, September 14-17! Shop online at your convenience, or for an exclusive gift with purchase, shop in-spa at 1 of our 8 locations across the GTA.

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