• Notes On Beauty: Holistic Vanity

    David Suzuki is a well-known Canadian environmental activist, author, and science broadcaster. As a sustainable + environmentally friendly Canadian company, he’s someone we really look up to. We even became a fundraiser for the David Suzuki Foundation, donating the full price of each Refreshing Tea Tree Deodorant we sell to the organization for their important work on climate change.

    That’s why it’s not surprising that we find Suzuki so quotable. This quote especially resonated with Kalen, our Spa Manager at our Eglinton Spa! “I like this quote because it reminds me of Ayurveda in the sense that the external and internal are interconnected. It’s important to think about how your choices and decisions have a ripple effect in our lives,” says Kalen.

    This quote truly ties into our philosophy – that we are all interconnected – and serves as a reminder to us when making choices. Let’s make some great choices today!

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