• Notes On Beauty: Health And Gratitude

    Zen master Thích Nhất Hạnh is a true embodiment of mindfulness and balance. His outlook on health and our connection to nature really speak to what we stand for in our approach to skincare and internal health. Here’s what Sophie from our Yorkville team had to say about why this quote resonated with her:

    “Self care is so much more than skin deep. Your physical being affects your mental state, and vice versa, which is why you can’t prioritize one over the other. Too often these days we allow ourselves to get swept up in the chaos of life, and in doing so we forget to treat ourselves with kindness. Taking care of yourself isn’t shallow or selfish; it’s being thankful for this body and this life you’ve been given. Being healthy is what allows you to truly enjoy and appreciate the world around you — the trees, the clouds, everything — and be happy in your own skin.”

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