• Notes On Beauty: Celebrating Happy Aging

    We live in a society where anti-aging products are prevalent and cosmetics surgeries are par for the course. But what if, instead of trying anxiously to turn back the clock, we embraced every transition with wonder and positivity? What if we aimed to enhance our natural beauty rather than hide it? At Pure + simple, we are committed to helping our clients feel the best they can be, and our staff’s approach to beauty really exemplifies that.

    Here’s what Shari, one of the wonderful estheticians at our Yorkville Spa, says about her Pure + simple approach to aging:

    “My philosophy on aging has always been to do it healthily, gracefully and naturally, and to celebrate the process with gratitude for being given this privilege which is denied to so many. I choose to view the changes involved with the aging process as positive, and I choose to respect myself and my body as these changes unfold. If I am healthy, I have no fear! Pure + simple’s approach to achieving beautiful skin naturally includes embracing the aging process with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy attitude, on top of amazing natural skincare, which is the best approach to aging that I can think of! Being able to celebrate healthy beauty from the inside out at any age is something that deserves respect.”

    So flaunt those transitions, beauties! We hope you have a wonderful week!

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