• Mirrored Beauty

    Let’s get real for a second: The beauty most of us dream of is an idealized image created by others. And, for most of us, it’s unattainable without the help of a good surgeon and a team of professional makeup and hairdressers following us around as we perform our daily tasks. Fortunately the definition of “beauty” changes and becomes more personal as we grow. As our self-love and consciousness grows, we create our own unique beauty and are deeply moved by the unique beauty of others. It’s finally at this stage that we realize how beauty is a result of our physical wellbeing, our life perspective, and our emotional state. Therefore we are the co-creator of our beauty and not a victim of it. In essence, our desire for beauty can be a guide in our life journey. The pursuit of beauty can be your tool to self-discovery and your connection to the universe outside yourself. So, how does so-called “vanity” result in personal growth?

    A perfect example of this is simply: your connection with your environment combined with our advice to help you solve your skin concerns. In our attempt to create beauty, we can acquire a deeper understanding of our inner selves. While skincare and diet do much to get beautiful skin, you’ll find that the weather and your unique nature will determine your dietary and skin care needs in order to help you achieve good health and, ultimately, beauty.

    To reinforce our advice in our stores and online to you, we will explain how skin conditions and undesirable physical features can help you balance your internal health as well as help you understand yourself better. The pursuit of beauty can hold a mirror up to our true self and help us mature and evolve into a profound beauty beyond what we’ve imagined.

    In subsequent blog posts we will share how characteristics of our body, face and skin can reveal more about our balanced mind, body, and emotions. We would love to hear your feedback, questions, and personal stories in improving your outer visage and how that was reflected by your internal image. We want to feature women and men like you and would like to hear how you felt beautiful on your own terms and how or when that translated into a more balanced you.

    For more detail on how your skin can reveal more about you and your health go to http://our-metamorphosis.blogspot.ca/2009/03/beautiful-skin.html

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